Re:  Halfway

Wow it seems like forever since I´ve written because so much has happened this week! and CARNAVAL (no stories just an empty city). 

  So I´ll start where I left off last week. TRANSFERS! This transfer is only 5 weeks, I´m in Canoas Centro (downtown of the City) Its right next to Porto Alegre. And although my last area was technically the capital, here is busier and has way more people. I´m really excited to be in this area. I really wanted to serve here!! I´m companions with Sister H-------, my 1st american companion since the CTM. She´s from california as well. We live on the 4th floor! and we don´t have an elevator. The train stops about 4 blocks from our apt, and a member and her daughter helped me take everything up all those stairs. This apt is really small, a lot smaller than my other two. The worst part though is there is a giant pool outside our window!!! And its been so hot....its torture! 

Its going to be a very different transfer, the challenges are different than any I´ve had yet on the mission. But I am learning to rely heavily on the spirit. And this past week I have truly felt inspired and helped by the Holy Ghost. Since I don´t know the investigators very well I really have to rely on the spirit to know what to say and what invitations/commitments to give. But this week i have had several where I knew exactly what that person needed to hear and to do. Its so amazing to feel the Holy Ghost place an idea in your head and without knowing anything you know that's the question you need to ask, scripture you need to share, commitment you need to extend. 

Yesterday that happened so many times in one lesson. We were teaching an investigator and she was giving all kinds of excuses for why she couldn´t progress quickly and how she wanted to take things REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY slow.  She has a lot of problems with her family, she´s separated, she smokes drinks and all kinds of things. I asked her if she had a desire to change she said yes but gave more excuses. I felt impressed to focus on smoking, I told her we could help her, you could tell she didn´t believe me. As we talked she explained that it she smoked when she was angry and stressed. I had an idea to help her and asked her if the next time she gets angry to wait 15-20min before smoking. We made a list of things that calm her down and that she could do for 20 min. She liked the idea and agreed to try and stop smoking. It was so neat because i don´t know this woman, but Heavenly Father does and he knew what would help her trust us, and realize she could stop. We´ll see what happens but it was incredible.  

Anyways this week has been difficult because of Carnaval. Brasil basically stops functioning for a week. Nothing is open, everyone leaves only the people that want to `party´ stay. So this week has started out a little challenging, and thats why my e-mail is late because there was no where to use internet, there wasn´t even a grocery store open!

I received your missionties talk. Loved it! Its something I have been thinking a lot about. 9 months, how have I already changed, and what do i want to do differently these last 9 months. I can´t believe how quickly it goes by. 

Yesterday was S. H-----'s b-day. I tried to make a cake.....lets say my cooking skills still need some work. As Sister T------ would say....ýou can´t get married yet. haha. But the funniest part was then she made one....and it turned out worse. 

Well I love you, miss you all
Sister Bradley

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