Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

(David wrote to Carissa asking her to speak in two different sacrament meetings.  Lucky girl!)   
Yes I can, I got lucky and won´t have to speak here in Passo I´ll have to speek twice at home haha

I´m learning that enduring to the end isn´t as easy at is sounds. But this past week was really special we had a lot of success. Sadly i probably won´t witness the fruits but at least the next Sister that comes will have lots of work. Our area is huge and I´-m exhausted! But its good and I love it.


So Halloween isn´t really a holiday here. People celebrate it because we celebrate it in the USA, so its usually just a few kids. But there were a few tricker treaters but they usually got money because no one has candy. But I miss halloween!!! haha

As far as the University of Utah, I´m not really stressed (and i don´t know why) I don´t have anything planned but its gonna work out alright. But thats awesome that we have a little extra time. My only thought is if I wait the classes I need/want will be full. And my hope is to graduate ASAP. Have you looked at any financial aid?? or a government loan or something. Finances are going to be a little tricky.

Ya that would be perfect to do something at home. I will need to be set apart by the stake president. Don´t know if you have already talked to him about that. But it will be nice to see everyone again! (You have no idea how weird it is to think about all this, its so hard to stay focused and this week will be even harder because every appt we make, every baptism we mark....I won´t be here!!!) Everything is a reminder, especially the members who like to bring up the subject! But its fun, the work continues and the day by day stays the same.

This last week was really good. Sister R---- went on her 1st Member Division. She was awesome. Luan was confirmed....after a long hunt all over Passo Fundo to find him. He lives really far and the member who usually brings him didn´t come to church. We went to his house, he wasn´t there his mom called him and told him to leave his Grandfathers house and we´d pick him up on the street. It was crazy but he came and was confirmed! Literally you receive the blessings after ALL you can do (which usually includes something crazy and requires a little attitude). I thought on the mission you learn to be more spiritual and everything, calmer I don´t know....but in reality what you learn is to be diligent and firm with people. Show them by what you do that the gospel is important, because they don´t know that, so we have to put our faith in practice to take an investigator where they need to go. Because they don´t know. Its what we call the ```new era``

Received a really special tender mercy today. Bernadete (a recent convert from my last area sent me an e-mail) She is so special. We're trying to work it out so I can see her before I leave! So glad I'll get to spend a few more hours in Lindoia before leaving!

Well its gonna be quick today but I love you!
Sister Bradley

October 28, 2013

Bowling!!!! Us and the Sisters we live with! It was a blast but we were all super sore afterwards. haha

the view from our apt, 11th floor in downtown passo fundo....yep we are living good! (and now thanks to our ZLs we have bunkbeds) But I´m sleeping on the top bunk in front of the if we sleep with the window open.....and I fall off the bed....its a long way down haha. 

A part of our area....thats really really really far away. And we were super poor last week and so we walked!!!! Luckly this week a member gave us ´´gold´´ (little pink pastic coins) for the bus haha

To answer your questions:

The weather is undecided here. We have all four seasons in one day. Rain, sun, hot cold. It rained last week quite a bit, we´ll see what this week has in store. Our ward is amazing. And all the members here serve I´m gaining weight AGAIN! Just when I was starting to go back to normal haha But its fun.

There are several families that help us a lot. For example this weekend we had two baptisms one was a member referral and the other we had a lot of help from a member family. This family when we asked the to help us integrate our investigator family told us of course they want exaltation and they realize that this is only possible if they help us haha. It is a really special family.....6 kids!!!! all younger than 13 but they are amazing.

Our mission leader is very young, a recent returned missionary.

The ward is very normal. Lots of families it seems, but lots of inactive members. Lots of work.

Well I think those were our adventures this week.

Oh yesterday we were knocking doors with a member (trying to get lessons with a member present) and a woman invited us in. The only problem she was a missionary for another church. She tried to teach us about prophets and then she said the closing prayer and said (almost yelling in her prayer) that our faith and mission and suffering and homesickness for our families was all in vain but that the Lord would forgive us and all kinds of crazy things. Oh the adventures of being a missionary. Luckly the member still wants to serve a mission so we didn't scare him too bad.

Well Love you
Sister Bradley

October 21, 2013

So far, I don´t have many questions (about the Masters program). But to be honest my head is such a mess I can´t process information straight for now. But I was looking over the list of classes. And I DON´T KNOW haha so many options.

Something I have been thinking about is FASFA or something. To see if i qualify for a little bit of help :)

Did you see!!!! I´ll be home (in CA) for lunch on the 14 of November!!!!! Wow, I thought I would be getting to Sacramento around 3 so that was a pleasant surprise.

Well this week Sister R---- was pretty sick. We stayed four days at home! Its interesting how different people are. She is really hard on herself. and puts really high expectations for everyone. Our Zone leaders are friends of mine and they were telling her how lucky she was to have me for a companion, the problem is it backfired and she created expectations that I have not been able to live up to. Its been really difficult. Because I don´t want to disappoint her I want the beginning of her mission to be special and memorable but so far its just been disappointments. Our baptisms for this last week feel through. It happens but she doesn´t seem to understand that this is part of the mission. We do all we can and we can´t choose the blessings or when they come.

But despite the difficulties this last week. We contacted a family really special. They accepted baptism, before going to church or praying they are so excited! The sad part is the parents have to get married and so its certain I won´t be here. That was a weird thought.

Well its raining and thundering and lightening which is pretty cool. We live on the 11th floor of an apt so the view is incredible! Today we are going go bowling as a district!!

Well Love you lots and lots!
Sister Bradley

October 14, 2013

There are not words to describe everything right now. This past week I had an interview with President and it left me thinking about life after the mission and what would happen. When he said the closing prayer he asked that I be blessed with all that would be good for me because I deserve it. I love the relationship I have with President and Sister Wright. Its amazing how the Lord plans everything to work out, perfectly. I have learned so much from them. Sister Wright is the kindest person I have ever met, she is so wise, so strong and yet so humble. I wish I could be that way.

I had been feeling like my application wasn´t very strong and started thinking about other options and nothing was coming. Its like I know the end is coming but still can´t see the light. I can´t imagine how life will be.
My mission has been so blessed, everything I have needed or wanted has happened. My dream was to come to Passo Fundo, and I´m here, last week we were out of money to take the bus and a member offered to drive us back to our area, members brought us food, a baptism showed up from nowhere. (She came to church we asked if she wanted to be baptized and she said she wanted too) Referral from the Lord!!!!!!
 Anyways receiving all this blessings here on the mission I started wondering if afterwards would be the challenge. And I´m sure it will be. But I can´t believe how blessed I am, I could not ask for my life to be any better.

This past week has been really interesting. Sister R-----  is a wonderful Sister but can be hard on herself and wants to receive the blessings she wants NOW! (ex baptisms). I´ve learned its all on the Lord table and sometimes we just have to work and work without knowing exactly why and not get discouraged. Thats obedience.

I can´t believe I have exactly a month left. I will miss President and Sister Wright SOO MUCH I have learned so much from them.

And yes I´m getting better at taking pictures...a little.

Kash still hasn´t gotten her vista how sad. Its another blessing I received (Sister Wright and I talked about that all the time).

I love Passo Fundo, its a huge area. Lots of work and so it keeps you busy which is exactly what I need and want.

My birthday package.....Friday was our Zone meeting and so we will only receive cards and packages my last week in the field. So if it arrives it will be then, thanks for thinking of me, but really want I wanted for my birthday I got, accepted to the U and transferred to Passo Fundo. :D

Anyways the best miracle this week. Sister R---- has been really disheartened because she´s two weeks in the field and still hasn´t had a baptism. (I think she imagined she´d arrive and have 3 baptisms). But we´re opening an area and don´t have investigators we´re starting from 0. But on Sunday a woman came to church with her friends. Her daughter was baptized last year and we were talking to her and asked if she wanted to be baptized. She said yes she had been thinking about it for next month. (Because the person she wants to baptize her will be traveling until then). But we talked with her and marked her baptism for that evening!!!! She had her interview, passed. A few hours later she called our Zone Leaders (who have the cellphone) and said she wanted to be baptized on saturday so her husband could watch! Out of nowhere this woman appeared. Right when I was running out of things to do and say to help Sister R-----. I had been praying that I would know how to help her...and the Lord blessed us with this referral!

Its just incredible!
Love you all

( I was asking Carissa how she responded when she heard that she was accepted to the Masters Program at the University of Utah.  Here is her response.)

OH my goodness you have no idea. and my entire district is here with me! Its just too much, because seriously i was doubting. Now I´m just scared thats its going to be so hard, but i remember how i felt before leaving for the mission and how right it was to go there.

(in response to my question about what her new area, Passo Fundo, is like...)

Its a city with a countryside. So its perfect for me. There are a lot of apartments downtown (where we live) but we have a part thats pretty country, and yes green! lots of people but its not congested. Ok so i won´t print photos here hahah because its 90 cents a photo! Ya its been an incredible week!!!!

(I was telling Carissa how grateful I was that she has had President and Sister Wright as her mission president .  This is her response.)
you have no idea how much you and sister wright are alike. She makes me miss you everytime I see her, but so grateful that I have her to help me and be my friend. Its like you having Lauren when I was at byui. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 7, 2013

Alright for the Eagle Project!!!! Hopefully grandmother feels better soon. Anyways Passo Fundo, what can I tell you about it here. Everyone is really excited to have Sisters in the stake. There are now two companionships here. My companion Sister Ropke is from Recife and is incredible. I love her.

Dad was talking about how he didn´t baptize very much on the mission, its funny because I feel like I haven´t really made much of a difference or baptized either. But Sister R---- told me that she was scared to be my companions because everyone was telling her that I baptized a lot and that with me she would work a lot. She was scared she wouldn´t be able to live up to the standard or something. I told her we work hard and we do a lot but a lot of the time we don´t have baptisms. The Lord tests us, a lot. To see if we really will be obedient. This transfer I´m not so focused on baptisms or numbers (less pressure now that I'm not in POA) but on being obedient and consistent in all things. Because consistence has always been a difficulty for me, and I´m going to master it in these next 5 weeks.

When we arrived here in the area, we cleaned the house (because it was a mess), Sister R---- and I are sleeping on mattresses on the ground while we wait for our bunkbeds. But at least this apt has an elevator, microwave, a hot shower and all kinds of comforts the other didn´t haha. Although I miss Lindoia, may have been the hardest area to leave.

I love conference, but I don´t know why it makes me so trunky haha. I think its all the talk of home and Family but at least this conference was really focused on missionary work. Its definitely the last days, the work is pressing forward with such great speed that if your not careful you´ll miss the boat. Its something I have been thinking a lot about, it doesn't´t end on the mission here we learn how to live we have to continue giving everything afterwards as well. There's no room for laziness!

Well love you,

Hopefully I have more stories this next week,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 30, 2013


So I almost didn´t say anything about our little hold up. It was nothing, he didn´t even have any weapons or anything. It was 9 in the morning on a street, on our way to district meeting at the mission office. It seemed as though he was on drugs. We only gave him our cellphone because it was already in my hand, and its one of our rules. But when he asked for money we just told him we´re missionaries and he left. (sadly with our phone). But it really wasn´t anything, it was more just...seriously you're doing this???

So lots of news this week. 1st, TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!! Closed Lindóia for Sisters. (Opened with Sister C----- and closed with her). But we left in style. 1 more baptism this week and us + the elders = 6 confirmations on Sunday. (There was hardly anytime for the discourses). And then us and the mission secretaries we sang in Sacrament Meeting a hymn to the tune of If you Could Hie To Kolob. Turned out alright. This week Sister C----- and I achieved the week of excellency!!!! whoooohooooooo finally after all this time

This week B----- was baptized...FINALLY! Its been about 2 months we have been teaching her. We contacted her in the street-- she was my present from the Lord. Do you remember the story I told you about the week I did 2 fasts last transfer with Sister C----, and the special fast with Sister C-----( a different Sister C!). Well the day we finished we contacted B-----.  And she has been ready to be baptized since the 3rd visit. But she travels every weekend.
But she has such a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, she stopped drinking Cafe without any questions or problems, She loves the book of mormon--she is just incredible!

This weekend was her baptism, and we were finally able to encounter her husband at home. (He´s obsessed with the USA) he came to her baptism, and then to church the next day. We visited him last night, and he seems very interested. And all this time B----- has been scared to have us visit with him. But we believe he will be baptized shortly.

Sadly we won´t be here anymore. Both Sister C----- and I will be transferred. I´m super excited for this transfer. Last week after district meeting President called me into his office and told me what would happen this next transfer. So.....well I´m excited so I´ll tell. I´ll try and pass how incredible this is.

So there is a zone that every sister has wanted to go. It is the farthest zone from Porto Alegre, a long time ago there were sisters there but because its far its been a really long time since Sisters have been there. Ever since I arrived I have wanted to go to Passo Fundo.... well I have received the best present I could ever have hoped to receive for this birthday. 6 baptisms, and open an area in Passo Fundo. Its going to be tough I know, because I will be training as well. But I am so excited. I love Porto Alegre especially Lindóia, it is an amazing area! But as always I need change still. And this is lots of change.

Farewell Lindoia

Birthday Picture

Well this week had so many things, My birthday I was on divisions in Santa Cruz, the sisters there made a cake and cookies for me. and then on friday my district did the same thing (although i brought the cookies, peanut butter cookies have been a hit here). Well i love you so much miss you all!!!

Good work on the eagle project!!!! I´m so proud of you michael!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 23,2013

So this last weekend was REALLY REALLY REALLY special. 4 baptisms!!!! The whole world is in shock. It was such a miracle, a family and an eternal investigator.

But as always before the baptism there will be trials. This time the trials were different than any other baptism.

1st, we were robbed. The 1st time on my mission. And the only thing he took was our ugly little cellphone. What a blessing because I had my camera and my two bank cards with me! The sad part is our cellphone had umlimited credit! (and NO ONE has that, just APs and secretaries).

2nd: We reviewed the baptismal questions the day before the interview, we learned that one of our investigators had some issues that could very well hinder his baptism! We couldn´t believe it, he is so ready for the gospel. He takes the Book of Mormon to work and reads during lunch even with all his co-workers giving him a hard time. We borrowed a cellphone and called President, and President Wright came and gave the baptismal interview. Our investigator told the experience and President said that he could be baptized! WHAT A RELIEF! Because if he wasn´t baptized, his wife wouldn´t be and who knows if his daughter would be.

Anyways sunday was really special. Our Eternal investigator Her son baptized her (and then the family). But the best part was President and Sister Wright came and played piano and violin for the baptismal service.
 Also on sunday our 1st baptism here in lindóia passed the sacrament. He never had before because he showed up late, and didn´t have a suit. Someone in the ward paid for a white shirt and slacks for him. i love this area, we have seen so many miracles!

I haven´t really talked much about investigators and members here because  it so hard to explain everything. So many details an e-mail just doesn´t do justice. And also because its been a while since we´ve had an experience like this one!

Well Dad, the man thats very prideful we haven´t been able to teach him anymore. He won´t answer his phone! and he never returns our calls. But its so true, what we think makes us happy in the long run won´t.

No we haven´t yet, I am going to look up all the scriptures for each point so we can show it to people. But in reality we probably won´t use it to teach because people that ask these types of questions just want to bible bash. And despite how much we want to it won´t help them feel the spirit.

my goodness mom probably won´t need that much. Because here  a dollar=2 reis. I think I will be transfered next week so I´m going to buy a few things before hand because who knows where I´ll go. I don´t want to spend a lot here because when I come home....i´m  going to have to re-do my entire wardrobe!

 I´ve been looking for a nativity scene but haven´t found one thats descent (just the catholic type that are made in china).

Well have an awesome week, I´ll attach some photos of this weekend.


AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR LAUREN!!!!!!! I was thinking about her this week actually it was saturday haha Thinking that her time was coming up! Thats so awesome! I can´t believe how many things have changed!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 16, 2013

Sisters Conference

Porto Alegre Temple

So we just finished week four of this transfer. It is going by so quickly. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. So much happened this week, so many blessings and miracles.

Tuesday: before going to the temple we taught of our investigators (it was his 2nd visit, and we visited him during his lunch break). It was one of the worst lessons!!! He destroyed us! He wants to learn about the church because there are many ´´influencial Mormons.´´ He wants to know how the church will bless his life....professionally. Its so frustrating because he won´t go to church, but he wants us to give him all the answers. And when we give him the answers he doesn´t believe us. He wants to talk to someone more ´´´mature´´ and experienced. SO FRUSTRATING! I asked him what was his greatest desire. He said to be an influencial leader. Reminded me of myself a few years back. I began to think about what the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to our lives. In reality it changes our priorites and desires. When we put our focus on celestial things we end up not only being blest with celestial things but material as well. Anyways after that lesson Sister Carniero and I were pretty down in the dups. Luckly we had the temple afterwards. Saved our week

At the temple I saw a family from one of my past areas. I love how even in another country I always see people I know at the temple.

Well on to the bigger miracles.

We have another investigator. She is an eternal investigator (6 years), that we have restarted visiting. She has two children. One recently returned from a mission and the other is preparing. Last week she (the investigator) was home alone which hardly every happens. We talked with her for hours, about her live and challenges. In the end we invited her to be baptized, or rather to pray about baptism. We returned this past week and after a ´´brutal´´ lesson haha we invited her to be baptized again....or rather just told her her baptism was this week. She didn´t resist and we marked the day. whooohooo x-mate! Anyways we left a reminder on top of the TV and when her daughter arrived home we called her and told her to look on top of the TV. It was the best surprise. They dídn´t even know we had been visiting her again.

We also have another family we are teaching. They are already active in the church. They come the entire family, motorcylce, car all 8. Its incredible. They from the NorthEast and so they are very animated. Love it!

Everyone is really excited, but this next week is going to be a lot of work. Bút its such a blessing!

I know I don´t usually talk much about investigators or baptisms but I can´t help it this time. It is such a miracle.

Sunday was really special as well. All our recent-converts and almost all our investigators preparing for baptism were at church! whooohoooo

This past week was also the Sisters conference. We had to give a training about a topic I don´t understand why people have such a hard time with it; honoring the priesthood. So many Sisters struggle with this. Its incredible how so many things from my patriarchal blessing are being fulfilled here on the mission. And I thought that my blessing didn´t talk about serving mission!
Well I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week.

I knew Sara would love BYU, and i bet she´ll learn she likes the cold haha


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013

Carissa is back  (and the graduate application is done!!)

So this coming week we will be having our leadership meeting and the
week after our sisters conference. and on top of all that Sister
C---- and I will be transferred. Because the Elders house has some
problems so they will move into our house for a while and I will go
back to Canoas!!!!! So next week I´ll have lots of news whoohooo

Yesterday was really funny everyone we talked with wanted to bible
bash. We were teaching a man in the park and all of a sudden he stood
up and started yelling and telling us all sorts of things. Poor guy
he´s really confused by all the different ideas he learned about
religion but the problem is he thinks he´s smart and knows everything
but he doesn´t realize that he´s contradicting himself.

I don´t really have to much to say this week. Sister ------ had some
problems this week so we didn´t work as much as I would have liked
too. It was difficult but in the end everything worked out.

Ir---- was baptized friday night...the 1st baptism sitting down haha.
She got scared at the last minute and just sat down in the water.
She´s adorable, 84 years old and she walks about 15-20 min to go to

Well hope you all have a wonderful week. This next week we will
probably be going to the temple so I will e-mail you on Tuesday I


Well i hope this was the photo I wanted to send. This was probably one
> of the most special occasions on my mission. Happened a few weeks back
> but never had the chance to share it. The Father is a recent convert
> and the week after his baptism he baptized his wife, and daughter.
> Sunday he shared his testimony and it was exactly what our
> investigator needed to hear. Never has anyone meet a family so
> elect!!!! wow they are incredible!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013



Building a bunk bed with her new companion

(We haven't heard much from Carissa as she is spending her precious computer time preparing her application for grad school.  It sounds like all is well and she is really busy.  Thank you for all your support and prayers!  I know she appreciates it.  Jennifer)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hi Mom,
Well, lets just go with this week was discouraging and happy all at the same time. We went on two divisions (tuesday and wednesday) and wednesday night President put us in trio. And we´ve been in a trio all week. I haven´t been in a trio since the CTM, its fun to be in three but so hard to work. And Sister Carniero and I were already two days behind working in our area, it was a rough week.

But the cool part is for Dad. I believe you know my new ´companion´s´ dad. You both served in the same mission and are the same age. Earl? She is going back to the states for a little while to get medicine and then she´ll be coming back to the mission. You have no idea how this mission has sisters returning home. Every week!

Here in the Rio Grande do Sul, the big day is not the same as the rest of Brasil. Its the 7th of September. (or 20th) I don´t remember.

I can´t believe you stayed in a 4 star hotel, and saw Lauren, went to the beach!!! My goodness sometimes the Lord tests our faith haha

Well don´t have many stories this week. Oh yes I do. On Wednesday when we went to pick up our new companion and go on splits with another companionship. We stayed almost the entire day in the car with President and Sister Wright. I love them, they are wonderful examples. We joked around, we talked in depth about prayer. How is it that something so simple we still can´t understand and do correctly? The Lord is so patient. It was special for Sister Carneiro and I to have that time with them. You can´t help but learn from them.

Well love you!!! Miss you tons and tons

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Oh My goodness I don´t believe all the changes. I had no idea about
Sister Brown, that has to be so hard for everyone. She was such a
special lady.

And yes we saw the training yesterday. My companion and I left the mtg
thrilled to be missionaries. Its interesting because I am certain it
was for me to serve my mission during this time. But its so true, with
so many missionaries there won´t be work for us all if the members
don´t become involved. Sister Carneiro and I have been talking a lot
about that. Because its through members that missionary work should be
done but most members have this idea that missionary work is for the
missionaries, and if it fits in their schedule for members. Its
hilarious because our mission has been using the phrase new era for
months and when we heard it yesterday we all became very excited. It
truly is a new era, the last days are here. Its the final push, for
now its exciting and new but we will have to maintain this stamina for
who knows how long it will be hard but its incredible.

Its funny you say the part about numbers because I was talking with
the secretaries about numbers. For us as missionaries its all about
numbers, church headquarters as well. And the prophet probably uses
numbers as well. And when he spoke yesterday about his experience as
mission president what did he do....gave him a number/goal. haha we
just have to get used to numbers they follow us throughout our life.

Yes already renewed it. (I was asking her about her visa and if she 
had to renew it.)   I´m good to stay here for another year.
(Although with all the changes I kinda want to stay till the

I´m so excited we are going to have sisters. Keep them busy, show them
that Chico knows how to treat missionaries. Referrals, family nights,
the house is always open for what they need, cars, visits. Its so hard
to be a missionary without the help of a ward, and there is so much
more success if the members are involved. But usually missionaries
won´t force them to help, if you help wonderful if not we run even
harder but without as much success.

(Carissa is tellinig about her latest baptism)his name is j--------. He is 12 years old, a contact, he is
amazing. He is so excited to receive the priesthood, he is already
trying to baptize his entire family. After his baptism (in freezing
cold water) he was telling his cousin (who we´re teaching) that her
baptism will be next sunday. What a good little missionary!!! Its
crazy its only been 3 weeks we´ve been teaching him and he´s already
such a strong member. The problem the leaders don´t see that, they see
a 12 year old kid that the sisters brought to church once and are now
`throwing him in the water.´ But it doesn´t matter because we know and
we know the lord knows.
well love you tons and tons!!!

(I was asking her about the demonstrations in Brazil and if she was affected)we received a phone call telling us to avoid groups of people but so
far we haven´t seen anything its more in areas like sao paulo or
brasilia, bigger famous cities

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hi Mom,

Yes I got my package this week!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Peanut butter and
nutella I´m a very happy camper.

So our new assignment is to be Sister Leader Trainers. Not too much has
changed just that we go on splits once a week with a companionship.
Its a new calling and so all the bugs haven´t been worked out, but our
most important responsibility is to be examples for the other sisters
and to have an exemplar area. No we don´t travel alone, always have to
be with a companion. Usually the sisters are close to our area but
this past week we went to an area that was about 3 hours away. But it
was where we needed to be. It was an incredible division, I learned so
much and Sister Carneiro and I really feel we were able to do miracles
with them. One thing the assistants told us when we first arrived here
in POA was that when we went on divisions we would do miracles in
those areas. I was a little skeptical, I didn´t see how in 24 hours I
could really make a difference in an area. After this weekend, I´ve
repented! Miracles happen everyday, and during a division they are
even clearer and more powerful! Its so interesting to see how much
things have changed on the mission since I arrived. And how much I´ve
already changed, sometimes I wonder if its really for the best haha. I
remember when I was set apart and it said I would develop attributes
and talents faster than if I hadn´t served, I´m seeing this change in
my life as a response to that promise.

Another thing I thought interesting in one of my blessings says
that as I give of myself in Christlike service I will have
opportunities to have a ´vast influence´ in the church. Here we have
sisters from 5 different countries!!! I´m seeing so many promises and
blessings being fulfilled! Its kind of scary but incredible all at the
same time!

Tell Taylor hi for me, ask if he ever got my letters? and that he
better e-mail me someday!!!!!

Oh how I miss girls camp!!!! Thats so fun you got to go! I received a
letter a few days ago from a recent convert S----- . She´s a young woman and oh I
wish she could go to a girls camp like ours. And have those special
experiences I had. Really in Chico we are so blessed with all the
activities and opportunities we have in the church!

Kash, she will get portugues scriptures, preach my gospel and
everything in the CTM, its not a quad (you wouldn´t want it) and
actually its really hard to find a quad in portugues. Yes you will
probably want your English scriptures,

Well I love you tons and tons!!!

OH Dad I'm so happy you're a les mis convert. Its amazing!!! Well I
gotta be quick today but hope everything is well with you. Matthew I
completely agree with you the mission is a beginning and prepares us
for the future. Michael! a mini mission whats that??? Congrats on the
eagle project. I'm so proud of you for achieving this great
accomplishment!!! whoohooo we're gonna have an eagle scout in the

June 10, 2013

Hey hey,

Ok well what can I tell you about this week. I have learned the power of a phone call. One phone call changes you entire life. I was in Gravataí (on splits with a Sister) when Sister Wright called me 10:20 at night telling me I had to come back to Porto Alegre. Division ended and 1st thing the next morning I was on a bus back to Porto Alegre. Now we have another companionship living in our house and no one really knows whats happening. But we just keep going. Everyday something happens and we just have to be flexible and go with the flow! Or rather Satan is giving lots of chances to be weak and we have to stay strong, positive and just keep working no matter what.

Thats so awesome you going to see Elder Arnett (has he already ended his mission??? time goes by so fast!!!) Yes I remember him. Its really special to have those connections on the mission. There is a family I know here in Porto Alegre. I knew them when I was in Elizabeth, but they live here in Lindóia but they are moving to the USA next month. (We´ve already made plans to meet when I get back haha).

WE HAVE SISTERS IN OUR STAKE!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!!! whooohooooooooo

And Les Mis....I can´t believe you all went to see it without me. No one can wait haha. Now that you´ve seen the play you can watch the movie and tell me its as amazing as I hoped!

So many changes, I can´t believe it. I can´t keep up with everything. (to be honest kinda stopped trying).

No haven´t gotten the package yet, but usually takes a while. I haven´t had to pay anything...yet. But I know of another Sister that had to pay and still hasn´t received her package. You never know. But no worries, it all works out.

But I´m starting to think about the UofU and there is the summer semester. When does the summer term start? It might be easier to apply for that one and not have to worry about it while I´m here. But then that raises the question what will I do for 6 months when I get back. Who knows. I don´t know, how complicated does it seem?

Well I don´t have much news its been crazy here but kinda complicated to explain. But all is well, we´re happy and always exhausted!

Love you,

The group in Santo Antonio da Patrulha

Sister Missionaries at their farewell in Osorio

June 3, 2013

Ya that's becoming the story of my mission. Work in one area, find people....leave and the baptisms are another's. But now I hope I will stay here in my new area until the end of my mission....lets see. Probably just 6 six weeks again. No its a huge responsibility. I am the first sister trainer leader. Basically we´re the LZ´s (zone leaders) of the mission for sisters. We will be going in divisions with sisters every week, and our area has to be the example area of the mission. Baptizing every week!!!
And my companion Sister Carneiro just finished her training. She only has 12 weeks but she is incredible! Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed but its really just an opportunity to get closer to the spirit. And there's no time to rest--- its run run run from the min you wake up till you lay down again.

Its funny the things you hear sometimes. My last area was a branch and a group. Just imagine the things we heard! haha

Love you


Well lots of news and adventures!!! I´m back in Porto Alegre I´m in the area Lindóia. (Right next to my old area in POA, Elizabeth) Its fun to see some members I already knew. Lindóia is an amazing area. We are already seeing many miracles. One of the first was a referral we received. From Elder Godoy!!!!! His cousin lives in our area, who isn´t a member. My 2nd day here we went to teach him with the Stake President! He is incredible, he came to church on sunday and his aunt (Elder Godoy´s mother) Came to church with him. She lives in another city and came especially to accompany him to church. ((The really cool part is in a few weeks, Elder Godoy will be coming to visit our mission....we hope we can do a visit with him)). We´re learning to dream big. Its so different here than my last area where the church is so small. Here everyone has been members for FOREVER!

Well our new assignment is to be sister leader trainers. So we will be visiting one area every week and going on divisions with them. And our area needs to be the example area for Sisters. Here we have a standard of excellency for every week. President showed me his list and as of this year, not one companionship of sisters has met this standard. I´ve been close a few times but never met the goal. Now we have to meet it every week, and baptize every week. Its a lot of pressure. 

Our new house is above three recent converts. They are so funny, but are not used to missionary life. They treat us like neighbors, they want to visit us and want us to visit them. Its complicated but very funny. Like every area the problems here are very different than any other area. 

My Companion is Sister Carneiro. She is very new to the mission. This is her 3rd transfer. But is a very powerful sister. It appears as if she´s been on the mission longer than me! She´s a natural. She is from Sao Paulo as well. 

But how are things with everyone. I can´t imagine it being summer. Its starting to get cold here I have one more year of cold to look forward too! How are things with applying for UofU. Do I have to have an interview? If so that could create a little problem. If not could you send me information about the school again. Because I didn´t write my letter of intent so i need to do that. and information about the courses would be very welcome and helpful. 

Well glad Sara´s back and all is well. And is going to BYU I´m soooo excited she´s going to love it!!!!!!

Oh and can you please add S-----  on facebook. She is my recent convert from Santo Antonio and it just about killed her when I was transferred. I told her you would accept her as my friend haha. 

Well love you tons and tons

May 27, 2013

QUIET WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (My letter to Carissa was titled Quiet Week, obviously hers was NOT!)  It was everything but a quiet week here! And no my journal is covered in dust.  (I had told her she had better be writing in her journal.) I´m trying to be better but there just isn´t time to keep up with all the drama. But I´ll share the most important. I am now four for four....TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!!!! But this time its because of what I told you last week. I just got off the phone with President, I know where I´m going, whose my companion, and I´m going to continue doing divisions with the sisters but now its my calling. AHHHHHHHH I´m so nervous and so excited. But it will be fun to go back to Porto Alegre.

It is so hard to leave Osório and Santo Antonio. This past week, the 1st person that was baptized in Santo Antonio, left home, to live with her boyfriend (15years old). And we were there talking with her and her mother when she left. It was really hard for her mother. Now her little sister (Shaiane, who was baptized after) has changed completely. She used to be a rebellious teenager. Now she is doing personal progress preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms. But her older sister who before appeared to be more interested in the gospel changed completely. It was a really dramatic day.

And then the APs called and said that once again I will be transferred and that Osório will change to an area for Elders so all four sisters are preparing to leave the area. Its crazy. Imagine 4 sisters packing and organizing everything. Our apt is a mess.

Give my best to Lauren. She´s so amazing, and of course i´ll keep her in my prayers.

I loved this past transfer. Living in 4 (sisters in one apartment) is a blast. This morning I died laughing with sister loss, sister costa, and sister barnes. It was a transfer full of challenges, one of the most challenging i´ve had but it was one of the funnest and most satisfying transfers.

Shaiane- (recent-convert) cried and cried when Sister Costa and I told her we were leaving. She told me that I had changed her life. Its really the 1st time i feel like it was me that helped someone become and see how they could be.

Well glad you all had a calm week. give a big hug to sara and everyone.

Love you tons!

May 20, 2013

Best area yet? Lets go with the area with the most challenges where I will learn the most. Where I am not wanted but am learning its not about acceptance, its about work. Everyone says you change on the mission, its true. You learn to be hard hearted. (Who´d have thought). You learn to do the things no one else will do, you learn you can´t trust anyone, only your companion. But you learn to rely on the savior to guide you through. And you learn to appreciate the good people in your life and to appreciate the sweet moments.  

Next week will be transfers, and its going to be interesting to see what happens. There are going to be some huge changes in the mission. 

Well I don´t have to much to say this week. Hope everyone is well. Tell everyone congratulations for me!
Love you
Sister Bradley

May 6, 2013

Miracles, Faith, Trials, Tribulations, obedience, diligence, force.....what other words can I use to describe this crazy week. 

So I´ll just start from the beginning. 
Tuesday we had a wonderful day. It was literally a day planned in heaven for us. We had spent the week before contacting everyone here in Osório and Tuesday we visited them. The houses were close together everyone accepted our message, baptism and was just incredible. I told Sister Costa this was going to be a wonderful week! 

Wednesday, we went to Santo Antonio. I was really nervous, because the group leader did not want me there. He was really upset when the sister was transferred. I was really worried to take him with us to teach. I was worried he wouldn´t like my teaching style or something. I don´t know exactly why but I was worried. Anyways we went to visit a recent-convert with him, her Sister (S-----, an ex-investigator of 13 yrs) started to talk to us. We taught her a lesson, and I felt a strong impression to invite her to be baptized. I started the mental battle. Sister C--- had told me She´s a rebellious little girl, who has already had 1 or 2 baptism dates and then decides its not what she wants. So I started asking questions. I asked her if she was praying, she didn´t really answer. I asked if she had asked if the church was true, she said she hadn´t asked (I felt like I was trying to show the spirit I couldn´t invite her). But then the spirit taught me a lesson, I asked her why she didn´t ask. She answered I don´t need to ask I already know..... I was like ok it takes me a while but I learn. Invited her to be baptized this Sunday....she said yes. OH ya best week ever. 


Friday night. S----- called saying she was too young, she wasn´t ready. I started to talk with her. She finally accepted to continue at least with the interview. 

Saturday: Interview. We arrived at her house with the Elders. It was hiliarious. She had put in a fake piercing in her lip. (There is no way it was real because she´s not allowed to leave her house). Rebellious little girl. haha But everything else went smoothly we talked with her and she said decided to continue forward.

Sunday Morning: I called to make sure she and her sister would be going to church (the sister's confirmation was that day). S----- said they wouldn´t be going to church and her sister didn´t want to go anymore. ahhhhhhhhh

We drove with some members from Osório to Santo Antonio (30min) stopped by their house. She didn´t let us in, so I started talking to her through the window haha. She started giving me all kinds of excuses and told me she wouldn´t go. I asked her if she wanted to still be baptized today. She said yes. and then I asked if she would go to church and she said no. And then I said something I never thought i´d say on the mission. well then you will not be baptized. She gave me a look a teenager gives to her mother when they fight haha. But she went and got ready and went to church. (but still her sister didn´t go). After Church we returned to Osório, we had lunch with the branch president while we were eating her sister called saying S---- went to the hopital. One thing after another. We returned to Santo Antonio (with the President´s wife who is a nurse) we went to see the sister, confirmed her a member of the church. and then went to the hospital to see S----.  We arrived and hardly anything was wrong with her. Her blood pressure was low because she hadn´t eaten (Satan really works hard). We arrived at the hospital with members from Osório and the group in Santo Antonio. When we learned everything was fine (and was something almost ridiculous). We took her up to the pool and had a beautiful freezing cold baptismal service. I couldn´t believe how many times I had to invite her to be baptized in one day. She is such a special young lady. It was a beautiful day, the view was beautiful. And it was neat to see how we were tested to see if we really would do all in our power to help this family. And we did there was nothing else we could do more, it wasn´t just us missionaries but everyone sacrificed and gave their all and we were blessed with a miracle!

well thats all i have time to write this week but know i love you and can´t wait to talk with you all this weekend!!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

April 29, 2013

Carissa with her blonde highlights 
Cuter than ever, don't you think?


Sorry my e-mails haven´t been as informative as before. There wasn´t much to tell, but now..... lets see how fast I can type. 

As you all know I was transferred again. So far i´m 3 for 3 for transfers this year. But my new area is incredible! I´m in Osorio, its near the beach although its really not that close to us!!!! Its a little city. Here is very different than all my other areas. Here we are working in a branch, and my companion and I also are responsible for another area Santo Antonio where the church is so new it is only a group. So i´m learning two areas (and one that my companion doesn´t know we get lost all the time) haha. Santo Antonio is really far, we have to take a bus for 50 min to arrive there. But it is a really special ´place. 

I don´t really know how to explain this area. It has such a strong spirit you can feel the potential of this area. But there is opposition in all things. We have to be 100% dilligent, obedient, faithful. 

So my new companion Sister Costa is from Sao Paulo (the state not the capital). I am living in four!(meaning she had three other roommates) and Sister Loss (who lives with us) is 19 she is the baby of the mission. But she´s awesome. And we are having a blast. There are so many missionaries coming we are bursting at the seams. The work is going so quickly, you can feel it accelerating. 

One of the photos that i sent was of a man I taught in my last area. He was baptized last week. I wasn´t there but it made me so happy to see his name on the list of baptisms for the week. To give you an idea of how the work is accelerating. When I arrived on the mission i think there were 30- 40 baptism per month last month 135. 

The other photo is me and my new companion! Sister Costa at a Conference we had on sunday.

I´m still not sure what we will do for mother´s day. I just arrived here and so I don´t know yet. But i´m very excited to get to talk to you all. FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I can´t believe how quickly time passes. 

Well I love you

The change is wonderful. its a wonderful area here. Here reminds me a lot of home. its not a huge city. there are mountains!!!! its closer to the beach, but its not in our area. Which is a good thing or its a constant reminder that you're on the mission. we don´t have a chapel and so we have a small pool for baptisms and in Santo Antonio, they had a baptism in the lake. Oh ya its an adventure here!

April 22, 2013

Ok another really quick e-maill. TRANSFERED AGAIN!!! And This time its terrible because thursday night will be a baptism, one that is really special for me. I´m in complete shock!!!

I loved seeing your pictures of Florida, looks like you all had a wonderful time. And yes I agree with Matthew its really sad I couldn´t be there! But I wouldn´t trade this past week for anything!!! I have grown so much this past week and learned so much. I just can´t believe I will be leaving again. Remember before the mission I said the sacrifice would be I wouldn´t be setting down or have my own place for 18 months.....seriously when I finally reach that point in my life I am going to appreciate it so much! I never imagined I would leave Fernandes so quickly (also because every sister that passes through here stays for 4 transfers). I was sure I was ´´safe´´ here until August!

Well I love you all tons and tons. Thank you for your prayers and support. I´ve received another curve ball.

April 15, 2013

WHOOOHOOOOO so jealous you are there!!!!  (We were writing to Carissa from Florida/ DisneyWorld)   You have no idea! I´m so trunky hahah.

What a beautiful temple. We´re so excited about the new temple in Rio de Janiero. My companion is from Rio so its even more exciting.

This past week was wonderful. We had a conference with all the sisters of the mission. It was so amazing. They shared a video called the butterfly circus. Look for it on youtube, Its amazing. I bawled the entire time. Because it was exactly how i´d been feeling the past week. And it reminded me why we are given trials and put in difficult situations. President Wright challenged us to leave our comfort zones and always do difficult things.

This week we have found (finally) some wonderful investigators! R----  is incredible. And now I understand why the missions in the northeast are always baptizing. He is from Forteleza, He is very open, and has a strong desire to do whats right and follow God. He always stopped and talked to us in the street but never wanted to receive the lessons (his sister had already taken and received an answer (last year i think) but didn'´t want to follow.). Anyways one day he started talking to us and told us he had stopped going to his church and started asking about the church. We invited him to conference. He went. He loved it. and last night we had a family night with him and another family in the ward. It was incredible! Even though this couple is a lot older than him, P--- is becoming like a father to R------ already. When R---- said the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for putting all these wonderful people in his life. It was one of the most sincere prayers I´ve ever heard! He has been resisting saying a prayer with us, and he finally did it, and made everyone cry. The spirit is so strong when we teach him. Its wonderful. He is ´dating´a girl from Forteleza and is going to invite her to receive the missionaries. He´s already thinking about getting married in the temple (helps that I showed him a picture of the currently being constructed temple in Forteleza)!!!! YEAHHHHHH

Well i don´t have too much news this week. Hope you all have a wonderful week in Florida. Did Dad go? or is he working?

Oh and my surprise I told you about a few weeks back. I´m going to do it today! I´m going to dye my hair!!!! Highlights!!! I´m going to be blond!!!! (kinda). I was supposed to do it this morning, but he couldn´t so here in 10 min we´re going to the salon!! But the best part is I don´t have to pay anything! Its a member who has a beauty school and its a service he does for the sisters in our zone!

Well if i like it i´ll send pictures next week. And next week is transfers!!! I don´t think anything will change but who knows!

Love you all

April 8, 2013

       Carissa and the missionaries in her area

Missionaries at Zone Conference


April 8, 2013


Conference was wonderful, Sunday a little less for us because the Assistants to the President called the morning of telling us to invite all our investigators at conference to be baptized THAT DAY. Stressss!!!!!! (and no we didnt have a baptism).

So Conference we watch the normal transmission. One o´clock in the afternoon and 5. The only sessions that are rebroadcast was priesthood (9-11 at night) and YW broadcast Saturday morning. But we can only watch the general session.

It was really funny because we watch it at the stake old area. So It was really special to see a bunch of people that I already knew!

Meals: So in the Rio Grande do Sul, its not like the northeast of Brasil where there are fruit and coconut trees on every corner. But there is a store here that every wednesday they have a huge sale on fruit. Dad would die everythings so cheap. Luckily our area is small so when our meals fall through or they give us money, we just eat at home. (Its cheaper than eating at restaurants everyday). Smoothies yes, all the time....except this week because the mission office forgot to pay our energy bill....we are know 4 days without energy! (This week was wonderful, the most stressful of the mission by far).

Thats so funny, my last companion in Canoas Centro, she has been there 6 or 7 transfers! She only had 2 areas here in Brasil! And I´m already in my fourth!

but thats so awesome he´s training? Tips???

The Liahonas you´ve been sending i don´t think i´ve been getting them. Some months we receive the liahona but sometimes no. Which address have you been sending it too? Oh my mission address in the church bulletin is wrong. Sister Seipert sends me a card every now and then and she always sends it to the secretaries (with all the bills and financial stuff), and then it takes forever to get to me.  The address is the Caixa Postal.

Anyways like I said this week was crazy. One difficulty or disappointment after another. Started on Thursday. We had marked to visit an investigator (who should be baptized this week) He´s a young man, and doesn´t know still if this is what he wants. We planned to bring a member to his house....and for the 1st time in all the time we´ve been teaching him....he wasn't there. Tell it to the Elders and they´ll understand. A lesson with members is the HARDEST THING (I think she means it is hard to coordinate and organize) and it is one of the few things that matter for our mission. and then immediately afterwards it started to rain....and rain and rain and rain. We were completely soaked to the skin. and when we thought we couldn´t get any wetter. we did. and when we were completely soaked we arrived at our apt. and in front of our complex was a lake. That we had to walk through up to mid-calf to get in. And the streets here are not exactly clean. In fact they are usually full of trash. Thinking about what could be in that water.....ya don´t want to think about it.  And that was just the start of our adventurous weekend.

Hoping this weekend will be less adventurous. Luckily are Zone Leaders are amazing. (one of them was in the CTM with me) I was telling them everything that happened with us this week. They helped me keep everything in perspective. ...The blessings better be coming soon! and if not, my husband is going to be incredible haha.

Well I love you! Have a wonderful rainy week in Florida. Still jealous you're all going there. How long is Sara going to be working there? haven´t heard anything from her since she went to Florida


April 1, 2013

Trying to catch up!!

Hey, Ya on the mission you are always running its crazy. And its really a sacrifice, because I´m so ready to stick in one place!! Remember before the mission? someday those days will come....i hope.

This week was easter here too. And holidays are always complicated. But Saturday was a miracle and we managed to surpass almost all of our goals for the week! IT was nice to have a day with lots of success. Because this area is hard. 

For Kashmir, i don´´t know if she´ll need to brink the sleeping bag. Its nice but here all the houses already have blankets. I have never been to curitiba, but Sister M said its cooler there. Not freezing but won´t be as hot as Rio Grande do Sul during the summer. Shoes, the clarks are good but you will have a terrible tan line. So I don´t use them very much anymore. An Idea is crocks. Not the ugly type everyone knows. But the mark crocks has some lightweight shoes that have worked really well for S. M.    

Our apt here in Fernandes is good. I like it, its larger than in Canoas Centro. 

This area is a little harder because, our lunch apts almost always fall through or people just give us a little money to eat at home. (I want to know if that happens in our ward!?) It could be good because it give me an opportunity to eat healtheir....but it doesn´t happen i end up eating worse. So I need your help in ideas of filling satisfying cheap things i can buy to eat. I´m trying really hard to stop drinking soda...especially coke. Can you believe it, before the mission I couldn´t stand cokacola....and now I love it! grrrr 

but exciting news....I FINISHED THE OLD TESTSTAMENT YESTERDAY!!! It was really neat because I saved Isaiah for last and so i read the prophecies about Jesus on Easter...that was kinda cool. 

Investigators: special story. M----- is a young man about -- years old. When I went on Splits with Sister B here in Fernandes a few months ago, we visited him for the 1st time. and now I´m teaching him. He is a good young man but is scared to death of comitments! He won´t accept a baptismal date! So we tried our new technique, and talked about the baptismal interview, and he accepted an interview! We fasted for him yesterday, and when he didn´t come to church like he promised....i´m terrible and went to his house 9:30 in the morning to `make sure everything was ok´....and bring him to church. It was hilarious. My companion did not want to go she was afraid what he would think....the things we do on the mission. I´ve done things here that before the mission I would NEVER do. But I´ve learned we have to show our investigators we really care. and that the things we ask them to do are important for them and for us. But he came to church.

once again i´m short on time to write, there are so many things they want us to do on the internet now one hour just is not enough time! 

and next week its possible i will have a surprise for you all....we´ll see if president will let me do it. hahaha suspense! 

well i love you! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

So if you didn't see the big news, Carissa can get and send e-mails to friends, family, etc.  Her e-mail address is on the side bar.  She would LOVE to hear about you and all your adventures!   She gets/responds to e-mail on Monday mornings. 

Some more photos!  

Dinner at Outback  (who knew they had Outback in Brazil?)

Area Meeting called a zone conference

Missionaries outside of the temple in Porto Alegre

March 25, 2013

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kash!!!! S. M---- is from Curitiba! She will love it there. The state of Parana is supposed to be beautiful! (and from what i hear the church is stronger there!)

You know the crazy thing I was thinking about Lauren and Chris the other day thinking, I haven´t heard if she´s pregnant only 8 months left so chances are i won´t miss their kids....great. I miss everything haha

Thats an incredible story. Won´t lie my new area is challenging. Its hard to see the growth.  And our mission has the goal of baptizing.... EVERY AREA, EVERY WEEK!  its hard, we have to have a level of obedience more than normal missionaries. Our mission rules changed, our method of working is changing. The attitude and spirit of our mission is changing. And we are working. 

In this area we have a lot of families that have members that aren´t baptized yet. One of them M----. How can I explain him. He is very smart, and he talks..... A LOT! But he has developed a lot of respect for me, and is now progressing. Reading the scriptures...everyday. and he has been attending church for a few months now. Its neat to see how I have been able to help someone progress. he needs to get married so the baptism will be a while. but its neat when I start teaching he pays attention and actually listens. S. A---- told me he wasn´t that way with others. but still he asks the hardest questions, and has some interesting ideas. I always leave his house with a headache. 

Well I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday. I never had a problem giving talks in English....Its so much harder in another language. 

This weekend we had a conference with several zones. Some of the mission doctors in Sao Paulos came to give a of them was in my branch presidency in the ctm. And they remembered me!!! (we were part of their 1st group). It was so fun to see them again. And to see President and Sister Wright and so many missionaries. It gives you that extra push sometimes we need. 

It was a really special experience for me because I learned a little bit more about my own blessing and the timing of the Lord. 

Well I love you all, good to hear all of your experiences and stories! 

love you 

March 18, 2013

Hey Family!

Alright 1st I have really exciting news! Today we received an e-mail WE CAN E-MAIL FRIENDS, FAMILY, PRIESTHOOD LEADERS, AND RECENT CONVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOOOO So if you can let people know I can now e-mail others yippy.

So glad I don´t have to do taxes haha so much stress for so little gratification. 

I´m so jealous you are going to disneyworld. Take lots of pictures of Harry Potter World for me!! Someday I´ll visit it haha How long will Sara be working there? just 6 months or the whole year?

Ok but transfers...I won´t lie was CRAZY!!! So I was transferred from Canoas Centro (after only 5 weeks). Here transfers are a little different than in the USA (or so I´m told) we don´t know where we will be transfered until we arrive at the bus station in Porto Alegre. and I was transfered to the area that is right next to Canoas Centro. Its part of the same stake and zone and everything! I could not believe it!!! So I am now in Fernandes, the smallest area in the entire mission!!! Its like missionaries being transfered from the chico 5th the chico 2nd ward. 

My companion is Sister A-----. She is from Rio de Janeiro. She only has 2 transfers here so I´m trying to help her gain confidence as a missionary. But she is a wonderful missionary. 


  family night with Jorge and his kids (Canoas Centro) Playing the Bis Game. Bis is a type of chocolate and you have to try and open it using a fork and a knife...and we created all kinds of challenges....eyes closed, one hand only two fingers. We had to get creative.

 S. Marques, Me, Sister Costa, Sister Holladay. Divisions with the Sisters in Osorio (near the beach)

Canoas and you can see Porto Alegre 

Planes, we are near a base and so there are tons of jets and military planes. And now in Fernandes I´-m even closer! Its so loud!!!

: ME and Sister Holladay. I contacted a woman from another religion, she gave us all kinds of things inviting us to come to her church and receive a prayer. It was very....different. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 11, 2013

Ok so as everyone knows today is transfers. I only have 5 weeks in this area, I was sure I would stay here....but nothing ever happens how I think it will. I´m being transferred! That means its been less than 5 weeks since I last packed all my suitcases, and I get to do it again. I hope I made a difference in this area. I love it here in Canoas. It was an area I wanted to serve, now I´m dying to know whats going to happen tomorrow. So my letter is going to be really short because I can´t manage to think about anything else right now haha. 

This week was good. We went on divisions in Osorio. (Its near the beach and its beautiful!) It was wonderful because I was companions with S. M----- again. I love her and she is an excellent missionary. Just listening to her teach again,. it was so easy to pay attention and feel the spirit. Its something I really admire about her. Then in district meeting we were doing some practices teaching, and everyone said it was the same with me. It was such a compliment. 

This week has been really good we have been visiting some neighbors of a Recent convert and she comes and bears her testimony. Its so wonderful to hear the conviction she has. She tells everyone she knows about her baptism!! and invites them to hear a message with us.

Well I love you all and hope everything is well.  sorry its so short today. 

March 4, 2013

No I´m fine, it was just like alergies gone crazy or something.  (I was asking her about her trip to the hospital last week.)

 The Lord has truely blessed me with abilities I didn´t have in other transfers so that I can continue working and teaching. For example I remember names and addresses of people I have never met, in streets I have only passed once or twice. Its incredible. 

I love my area. Ever since my birthday, when I was on splits with another sister who served here, I have wanted to come to Canoas Centro. Its a large area but I already have such a love for this area and members. As always we have our problems, but I am seeing a huge change coming. A new mission leader and instructor for Gospel Principles were called this last week and they are excellent. I´m praying for the energy and force I need to do our part. 

This last week was really hard for me but there were some wonderfully sweet moments. I----, she was baptized last week, went and visited some investigators with us and is a friend to investigators we brought to church. She shares her testimony and tells everyone about her baptism. Its wonderful! There is nothing better than to hear and see your recent-converts loving the gospel. 

Today we had P-DAY DE ZONA!!!!!!!!! whoohoooo. We watched The Other Side of Heaven.... wow we realized what a mushy movie that was! But there are some wonderful parts that as a missionary have a whole new meaning! 

Ya we heard about the new missions!! (The LDS church announced they are opening 58 new missions.  7 of them will be in Brazil!)  I haven´t read or seen the official report just the rumors that fly aroung the mission. But as far as I´ve heard it won´t affect our mission.