Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 23,2013

So this last weekend was REALLY REALLY REALLY special. 4 baptisms!!!! The whole world is in shock. It was such a miracle, a family and an eternal investigator.

But as always before the baptism there will be trials. This time the trials were different than any other baptism.

1st, we were robbed. The 1st time on my mission. And the only thing he took was our ugly little cellphone. What a blessing because I had my camera and my two bank cards with me! The sad part is our cellphone had umlimited credit! (and NO ONE has that, just APs and secretaries).

2nd: We reviewed the baptismal questions the day before the interview, we learned that one of our investigators had some issues that could very well hinder his baptism! We couldn´t believe it, he is so ready for the gospel. He takes the Book of Mormon to work and reads during lunch even with all his co-workers giving him a hard time. We borrowed a cellphone and called President, and President Wright came and gave the baptismal interview. Our investigator told the experience and President said that he could be baptized! WHAT A RELIEF! Because if he wasn´t baptized, his wife wouldn´t be and who knows if his daughter would be.

Anyways sunday was really special. Our Eternal investigator Her son baptized her (and then the family). But the best part was President and Sister Wright came and played piano and violin for the baptismal service.
 Also on sunday our 1st baptism here in lindóia passed the sacrament. He never had before because he showed up late, and didn´t have a suit. Someone in the ward paid for a white shirt and slacks for him. i love this area, we have seen so many miracles!

I haven´t really talked much about investigators and members here because  it so hard to explain everything. So many details an e-mail just doesn´t do justice. And also because its been a while since we´ve had an experience like this one!

Well Dad, the man thats very prideful we haven´t been able to teach him anymore. He won´t answer his phone! and he never returns our calls. But its so true, what we think makes us happy in the long run won´t.

No we haven´t yet, I am going to look up all the scriptures for each point so we can show it to people. But in reality we probably won´t use it to teach because people that ask these types of questions just want to bible bash. And despite how much we want to it won´t help them feel the spirit.

my goodness mom probably won´t need that much. Because here  a dollar=2 reis. I think I will be transfered next week so I´m going to buy a few things before hand because who knows where I´ll go. I don´t want to spend a lot here because when I come home....i´m  going to have to re-do my entire wardrobe!

 I´ve been looking for a nativity scene but haven´t found one thats descent (just the catholic type that are made in china).

Well have an awesome week, I´ll attach some photos of this weekend.


AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR LAUREN!!!!!!! I was thinking about her this week actually it was saturday haha Thinking that her time was coming up! Thats so awesome! I can´t believe how many things have changed!

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