Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 30, 2013


So I almost didn´t say anything about our little hold up. It was nothing, he didn´t even have any weapons or anything. It was 9 in the morning on a street, on our way to district meeting at the mission office. It seemed as though he was on drugs. We only gave him our cellphone because it was already in my hand, and its one of our rules. But when he asked for money we just told him we´re missionaries and he left. (sadly with our phone). But it really wasn´t anything, it was more just...seriously you're doing this???

So lots of news this week. 1st, TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!! Closed Lindóia for Sisters. (Opened with Sister C----- and closed with her). But we left in style. 1 more baptism this week and us + the elders = 6 confirmations on Sunday. (There was hardly anytime for the discourses). And then us and the mission secretaries we sang in Sacrament Meeting a hymn to the tune of If you Could Hie To Kolob. Turned out alright. This week Sister C----- and I achieved the week of excellency!!!! whoooohooooooo finally after all this time

This week B----- was baptized...FINALLY! Its been about 2 months we have been teaching her. We contacted her in the street-- she was my present from the Lord. Do you remember the story I told you about the week I did 2 fasts last transfer with Sister C----, and the special fast with Sister C-----( a different Sister C!). Well the day we finished we contacted B-----.  And she has been ready to be baptized since the 3rd visit. But she travels every weekend.
But she has such a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, she stopped drinking Cafe without any questions or problems, She loves the book of mormon--she is just incredible!

This weekend was her baptism, and we were finally able to encounter her husband at home. (He´s obsessed with the USA) he came to her baptism, and then to church the next day. We visited him last night, and he seems very interested. And all this time B----- has been scared to have us visit with him. But we believe he will be baptized shortly.

Sadly we won´t be here anymore. Both Sister C----- and I will be transferred. I´m super excited for this transfer. Last week after district meeting President called me into his office and told me what would happen this next transfer. So.....well I´m excited so I´ll tell. I´ll try and pass how incredible this is.

So there is a zone that every sister has wanted to go. It is the farthest zone from Porto Alegre, a long time ago there were sisters there but because its far its been a really long time since Sisters have been there. Ever since I arrived I have wanted to go to Passo Fundo.... well I have received the best present I could ever have hoped to receive for this birthday. 6 baptisms, and open an area in Passo Fundo. Its going to be tough I know, because I will be training as well. But I am so excited. I love Porto Alegre especially Lindóia, it is an amazing area! But as always I need change still. And this is lots of change.

Farewell Lindoia

Birthday Picture

Well this week had so many things, My birthday I was on divisions in Santa Cruz, the sisters there made a cake and cookies for me. and then on friday my district did the same thing (although i brought the cookies, peanut butter cookies have been a hit here). Well i love you so much miss you all!!!

Good work on the eagle project!!!! I´m so proud of you michael!

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