Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 7, 2013

Alright for the Eagle Project!!!! Hopefully grandmother feels better soon. Anyways Passo Fundo, what can I tell you about it here. Everyone is really excited to have Sisters in the stake. There are now two companionships here. My companion Sister Ropke is from Recife and is incredible. I love her.

Dad was talking about how he didn´t baptize very much on the mission, its funny because I feel like I haven´t really made much of a difference or baptized either. But Sister R---- told me that she was scared to be my companions because everyone was telling her that I baptized a lot and that with me she would work a lot. She was scared she wouldn´t be able to live up to the standard or something. I told her we work hard and we do a lot but a lot of the time we don´t have baptisms. The Lord tests us, a lot. To see if we really will be obedient. This transfer I´m not so focused on baptisms or numbers (less pressure now that I'm not in POA) but on being obedient and consistent in all things. Because consistence has always been a difficulty for me, and I´m going to master it in these next 5 weeks.

When we arrived here in the area, we cleaned the house (because it was a mess), Sister R---- and I are sleeping on mattresses on the ground while we wait for our bunkbeds. But at least this apt has an elevator, microwave, a hot shower and all kinds of comforts the other didn´t haha. Although I miss Lindoia, may have been the hardest area to leave.

I love conference, but I don´t know why it makes me so trunky haha. I think its all the talk of home and Family but at least this conference was really focused on missionary work. Its definitely the last days, the work is pressing forward with such great speed that if your not careful you´ll miss the boat. Its something I have been thinking a lot about, it doesn't´t end on the mission here we learn how to live we have to continue giving everything afterwards as well. There's no room for laziness!

Well love you,

Hopefully I have more stories this next week,

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