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Re: School and Seminary

THAT PUPPYS SO CUTE!!!! Though I have a problem, i fear after my mission I won~t like dogs anymore. Because they are ALWAYS barking at us its soooo annoying!!! But then again a lot of the dogs here are so ugly. at least i think so. Lots and lots of chuihaha type dogs.So Sister Lira and i joke about how after our missions we are never going feel the same about dogs. ...honestly though i don~t think so. but there are some that are just so cute! There is a member here who has one that is adorable and he just love to jump on your lap and ya he~s adorable. and one of the few dogs we can actually pet...because its impossible not too haha. he pretty much pets himself with your hand.

yeah for seminary is at night 2 or 3 days a week (i don~t remember) i thought that was interesting.

Tell the Nelson~s and Lugos hi for me. Send me their address and I~ll write them! (Brother Lugo in portugues haha).

and Ive thought of that too. about being the 1st missionary in our family for a long time. its interesting because the gospel is new here. Not very well established, there are a few families that are established in the church but many are 1st generation and learning to live/apply the gospel. Its very interesting to see. But anyways most missionaries are the 1st missionaries in their families to serve i started thinking about it and how interesting our families history in the gospel has been. I´ve had a lot of opportunities though to share my testimony of how the gospel blesses families. Last night for example we had FHE (noite familiar) with recent converts one married and two other are single fathers. and another a single mother. I shared my testimony about how living the gospel, reading scriptures as a family and other things has strengthend our family.

It was also interesting because we had lunch with the b--- a few days ago (one of the famlies established in the church) and they were talking about all the time that they have to spend at the church and with church related things. reminded me of our family some times haha

some house keeping. So far haven~t heard about the pkg. we called the secretary because sister lira wanted to know if she had a card, and they didn~t have anything for me yet. I got your missionties letters last week. Remember everything gets sent to the mission office and then a few times during the transfer (transfer, every 6 weeks, and when we have trainings a missionaries from our district go to Porto Alegre and when they come back they bring the cards and packages back for us. Tomorrow the Elders are going to a training so if it comes today or tomorrow I~ll get it, but if it doesn~t come then I~ll probably get it WHEN I GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I get to go to the temple in Porto Alegre in a few weeks, because your last transfer you get to go to them temple the week before you go home. And Its sister Lira~s last transfer...i~´m her companion so i get to go too!!! Kinda nervous to go and have it all in portugues but I´m excitied.

Oh remember the address to use is the one i sent you...the other one works cuz i got anna~s card with it but that one is the correct address.

Anyways, this week. Hot during the beginning of the week and cold again. Reminds me of Cali. But Sat our apt was fairly warm so we only wore a light sweater. We ended up stopping at the house of a member and asking if she had jackets we could wear. (Ana, haha, she~s our `´mother for this area she is such a doll and always taking care of us)´. But its been different to have rain and cold again.

This week started out really difficult but then we contacted an amazing family! They are struggling a lot. and its really complicated family. 10 kids and we have only met the mom for a few min. But we taught some of the kids and their cousins, they were so excited about the book of mormon and to attend church!!! it was incredible! and so much fun. we don~t usually give Book of Mormon on our first visit. We teach about the restoration and then come back teach restoration again w/ BM but with them we taught them the whole 1st lesson and R--- (14 years) has already started reading it. YEAHHH we were so happy, and we needed that so much because we really were starting to get discouraged because so many people were not wanted to learn more or do the things they needed to learn if these things are true.So wonderful!

Oh culturally...I learned how to prepare chamarrao. The traditional gaucho drink that its really wierd haha. I don~t mind it but sister lira can~t stand it. Its kinda like herbal;grassy tea. They put the mixture in a special cup and all day long add hot water drink it. and pass it around for everyone to drink. Very interesting.

Anyways right now i can~t think of anything else to tell you all about. though i~m sure theres more. if i think of anything more while i write President Wright ill send you anothe e-mail haha.

Love yall forever!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yeah!!! Pictures!!! Wish I could send you some, but there is a firewall that won´t let me, and the connection is really slow :( que triste! 

Well today is transferencia. I STAY HERE W/ SISTER LIRA! yeah! I´m so happy, I love this area. But when I am transfered, you go to Porto Alegre met your new companion and go to your new area. so it takes ALL DAY.

My cold left a few weeks ago, and health wise all is well. My stomach at times struggles to digest all the meat we eat (a really good thing we got all that fiber haha). 

Sister Lira, is Brazillian, she lives near Recife. (Northern part of Brasil). She is a convert to the church at 14. Her mom still is Catholica. Its really hard for her because she doesn~t hear from her family but she goes home next i will be her last companion!

This week was really special,I had my ´first´´ baptism, first were I actually was there to teach. His name is Jeferson, he~s 9 and pretty much the cutest thing ever! He is the son of  recent convert Jeferson haha. He reminds me a lot of Matthew, very polite and so sweet! I wish i could send you pictures but i~ll print some off when I can (the photo lab is always closed or out of order when we go).

We also had an interesting experience we contacted a woman who didn~t like mormons....because we have dances and activities in the church. I was taken back, she was very adamant about her opinion/dislike of the church because of this reason. I thought you know people have really interesting reasons for not liking the church...but this... we talked about sharing our talents and about why the church has them. But its really interesting when people have hard hearts...because it doesn~t matter what you say they don~t hear it. I~ve had this happen twice this week, really funny. I had her read Tiago 1:5 and then asked her what she learned from THIS scripture....she answered by talking about spirits, the bible and all kinds of other things....but not about anything she read. We sit there and listen and then when she finished asked again.....descupla but the question was... what is the significance of this  (pointing to the scripture she read) scripture. its funny at times and really difficult to teach when people try and bible bash. 

Ya it would be really neat if you could come down here. But idk if it~ll be possible for ya´ll because its either going to be in october but most likely november the last week. My mission will either be 15 months or 17months...because transfers are only 6 weeks and i had an extra 3 in the CTM

well good luck with school, seminary, Tell Brian welcome home for me. haha oh taylor oh taylor. Boa Sorte! ... oh Sister Lira thinks he~s cute :P

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Re: Warm Weddings


Well once again crazy week! Your advice about the language Yes it helps. Irmao Israel told us when we study study in Portugues. Right now thats still hard for me. We have an hour for personal study. I study half hr in english and then read the BoM in Portugues (and my dicctionary) It does help a lot. Portugues I love it! Its hard for me to understand some people but others I can usually understand. Its been interesting because Sister Lira doesn~t speak any english, but it is a goal for missionaries that don~t speak english to learn english. So we study portugues and english in the 1/2 hr we have to study the language (we~re supposed to have an hr but because we live so far from our area we have to leave earlier to get to the houses we have lunch at). But we are learning Come Thou Fount.  (A favorite hymn of Carissa's)

This week i had an adventure. We had zone conference. (it changed and we no longer meet as a complete zone with the president :( but we met with another district. Which had two other Elders that came with me from the CTM so that was fun to see them again. But the scary part was that I give a trainamento! (training?) It only had to be 10 min about obedience/helping leaders. It was so difficult! But it was really neat too, I~m not sure how much everyone understood but i learned a lot with what i studied. I shared the scriptures about the stripling warriors. And how helaman was just their leader, but they obeyed with exactness. And then the Story of Ammon. After he chopped off the arms, Lamoni saw him as a man of great strength. But when he learned that Ammon was feeding the horses and performed every commandment he had given him, he thought of him as the Great Spirit. For us, as missionaries, we are representatives of the Savior. We need to perform every command with the intent to fulfill with exactness. And then people too will recognize Jesus Christ through us. Cool thought,

Oh the members here are so fun. We had noite familiar (FHE) with them yesterday and another on sunday. So fun, we had it with recent convernts. They are wonderful and we have a blast. This past week was really hard for Sister Lira and I, especially Sunday because we had 5 investigators with baptism dates and none came to church! Even though all promised they would come. (Oh sunday was father~s day here) So happy Dia dos Pais dad :P
Anyways we were really having a rough day and then having noite familiares was wonderful. And brought the spirit, and reminded us that there are people in the world that realize the importance of the gospel and of our work!

I can~t believe everyones getting married!!!!! and Sean!!! nossa i can~t believe it! So excited for him!!! (I get to visit them in France after my mission right?)

Oh and Dad, you would die of happiness here haha. We went to a farmers market type thing this week to buy fruit....1reio so about 50c for a small bag of bannanas, lettuce, apples. Its great. Kinda sad because i bought some apples but we have to clean them with bleach and didn~t have any so i have to peel them inorder to eat them :( but so good to have fruit in my diet again!

Transfers are next week. Who knows what will happen...and P-day from now on is monday woohooo

I do have a question, do i need to use my debit card periodically to keep it from being cancelled? and don~t forget to check my fb and e-mail because some people say after 3 months they cancel it if you don~t use it. I don~t know if its true or not but better safe than sorry.

I cannot believe school is starting already. time really is flying by. I~m almost done with my first transfer!!

You asked about lessons. its really funny, the reason we had so many was because we talk to people in the street and they aren~t really interested and dont~want a lesson. We ask if we can say a prayer, bless their day or something and then after the prayer we talk about their family or religious beliefs share a quick message. and they don~t even know what hit them. But theyve already had one lesson by the missionaries. and usually after that they let us visit them in their home.

Oh and is the the girl in the picture with sean, lauren sean~s fiance??? LEGAL!!!!

Tell Lauren and Hailey they look absolutly stunning....chik (she-key in portugues)

I loved the pictures!!

Sorry I haven~t been able to send any :( but the computers we use have a firewall and won~t let me upload them. And the place we could develop photos is always out of order for one hr when we go to develop. So idk when i~ll be able to send you pictures :(

Well enjoy your last week of summer!!! so weird to say that. Though it really hasn~t been as cold here anymore. Rained yesterday but but before its been actually kinda hot.  (20c) no clue what that is in F (fahrenheit)  but warmer than it was before haha

Well Love you guys! Hope all is well!


Tue, August 7, 2012 10:47:47 AM
August 7, 2012

Re: temple times!

Camping, weddings, nossa! Sounds like you all are going to have a crazy fun week! This weeks has been super busy for us. We contacted contacted contacted, taught over 60 lessons! and then only 2 investigators came to church :( one is the child of a new member, so CUTE! so polite, kind reminds me of Matthew. The other, the entire time, was taking (pictures?) watching us or trying to touch us. Honestly I have never felt like I needed protection before in my life. I never wanted someone by myside, or felt like i needed someone to protect me as much as I did during church with this investigator. He kept trying to take pictures, touch my hand, really awkward and strange. But there are angels around us, one of the new members (the one who~s baptism/wedding was my first weekend here) helped me so much. When this investigators stared too much, he would say something, when he tried to do/say things that were not appropriate, he came to my defense. I was so grateful for this. So yes, Heavenly Father does protect his missionaries, even if its just because they are uncomfortable in a situation. 

We´ve had a lot of successes this week, and a lot of trials. I have learned the importance of having the spirit always with you. It protects you, it guides you its amazing!

Food, SOOOO GOOOD! had ice cream for the first time in the field. Was amazing and in the house of two of my favorite primary children, they are so much fun! and we had a blast. (There are pictures on FB and they~´re supposed to be adding me so keep a look out) They eat a lot of meat so i miss fruits and vegetables but i don~t think i~ve had a meal yet i didn~t love. 

Well I can~t wait to hear about all your adventures this week! Miss you all. and I~ll try and send pictures, but Sister Lira is using my adaptor right now. So if you don~t get any this week thats why!

Oh very important announcement! PDAY HAS MOVED!!!! haha its now on Monday!!! YEAHHHH;  This next week it will be on tuesday, and then we have transfers and it will be on monday after that!

Love you all!

(Carissa tried to send pictures but it didn't work  :(   )