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Re: School and Seminary

THAT PUPPYS SO CUTE!!!! Though I have a problem, i fear after my mission I won~t like dogs anymore. Because they are ALWAYS barking at us its soooo annoying!!! But then again a lot of the dogs here are so ugly. at least i think so. Lots and lots of chuihaha type dogs.So Sister Lira and i joke about how after our missions we are never going feel the same about dogs. ...honestly though i don~t think so. but there are some that are just so cute! There is a member here who has one that is adorable and he just love to jump on your lap and ya he~s adorable. and one of the few dogs we can actually pet...because its impossible not too haha. he pretty much pets himself with your hand.

yeah for seminary is at night 2 or 3 days a week (i don~t remember) i thought that was interesting.

Tell the Nelson~s and Lugos hi for me. Send me their address and I~ll write them! (Brother Lugo in portugues haha).

and Ive thought of that too. about being the 1st missionary in our family for a long time. its interesting because the gospel is new here. Not very well established, there are a few families that are established in the church but many are 1st generation and learning to live/apply the gospel. Its very interesting to see. But anyways most missionaries are the 1st missionaries in their families to serve i started thinking about it and how interesting our families history in the gospel has been. I´ve had a lot of opportunities though to share my testimony of how the gospel blesses families. Last night for example we had FHE (noite familiar) with recent converts one married and two other are single fathers. and another a single mother. I shared my testimony about how living the gospel, reading scriptures as a family and other things has strengthend our family.

It was also interesting because we had lunch with the b--- a few days ago (one of the famlies established in the church) and they were talking about all the time that they have to spend at the church and with church related things. reminded me of our family some times haha

some house keeping. So far haven~t heard about the pkg. we called the secretary because sister lira wanted to know if she had a card, and they didn~t have anything for me yet. I got your missionties letters last week. Remember everything gets sent to the mission office and then a few times during the transfer (transfer, every 6 weeks, and when we have trainings a missionaries from our district go to Porto Alegre and when they come back they bring the cards and packages back for us. Tomorrow the Elders are going to a training so if it comes today or tomorrow I~ll get it, but if it doesn~t come then I~ll probably get it WHEN I GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I get to go to the temple in Porto Alegre in a few weeks, because your last transfer you get to go to them temple the week before you go home. And Its sister Lira~s last transfer...i~´m her companion so i get to go too!!! Kinda nervous to go and have it all in portugues but I´m excitied.

Oh remember the address to use is the one i sent you...the other one works cuz i got anna~s card with it but that one is the correct address.

Anyways, this week. Hot during the beginning of the week and cold again. Reminds me of Cali. But Sat our apt was fairly warm so we only wore a light sweater. We ended up stopping at the house of a member and asking if she had jackets we could wear. (Ana, haha, she~s our `´mother for this area she is such a doll and always taking care of us)´. But its been different to have rain and cold again.

This week started out really difficult but then we contacted an amazing family! They are struggling a lot. and its really complicated family. 10 kids and we have only met the mom for a few min. But we taught some of the kids and their cousins, they were so excited about the book of mormon and to attend church!!! it was incredible! and so much fun. we don~t usually give Book of Mormon on our first visit. We teach about the restoration and then come back teach restoration again w/ BM but with them we taught them the whole 1st lesson and R--- (14 years) has already started reading it. YEAHHH we were so happy, and we needed that so much because we really were starting to get discouraged because so many people were not wanted to learn more or do the things they needed to learn if these things are true.So wonderful!

Oh culturally...I learned how to prepare chamarrao. The traditional gaucho drink that its really wierd haha. I don~t mind it but sister lira can~t stand it. Its kinda like herbal;grassy tea. They put the mixture in a special cup and all day long add hot water drink it. and pass it around for everyone to drink. Very interesting.

Anyways right now i can~t think of anything else to tell you all about. though i~m sure theres more. if i think of anything more while i write President Wright ill send you anothe e-mail haha.

Love yall forever!

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