Monday, September 17, 2012

10 September 2012

Family!! (and mom cuz i think your the only one that reads the whole thing haha)

I was kinda excited last week to maybe get to talk to you, but oh well. haha But I received your package this week!!! Yeahhh thanks!! ...I was very excited for the Jelly Bellys and fruit snacks (they are so expensive here, 3R$ for a small pouch, thats like 1.50 for one little pouch from the box! And the sour skittles I gave some to Sister Lira and she ate them before I could tell her they were sour (we were talking to our Zone leaders on the phone too) Oh my goodness probably the funniest thing that happened this week! 

And tell the Primary thank you that was so sweet and I loved all their pictures and messages! This week was our Primary Sacrament Meeting...and I got to sing with them! I sang the 2nd verse from I~m trying to be like portugues ahhhhh. I don~t know if I~ve already told you my Phantom of the Opera story but I~ll write it just in case. So a few weeks ago we were walking in the rain and i was singing. And started singing from Phantom of the Opera. Sister Lira recognized it, and from then on everyone members house we go to she tells them I know how to sing it and i have to sing it. haha its so funny. Well This happened in the house of the Primary President and she asked me to sing in the program. So i did, and tonight we are having FHE at their house, a night of talents. And I have to sing (by request) Phantom. Wish me luck lol. 

And yes i have a ^signing journal too.( I had asked Carissa if she has a signing journal-- it is a book that other missionaries write their testimonies in )  Started it in the CTM. This next month I~ll have to start handing it to members and missionaries cuz I~m pretty sure I~ll stay here in Caxias another transfer but who knows after that. 

For the most part, I~m pretty well set. I wish i had a flashdrive, but I~m debating buying one here, idk. its like 50-60 R$ but its 16G so perfect for all my photos. 

OH my pyro family i love it.   (We had several fires in the firepit this week!)

Supplies?? so far are good. Just sunscreen I think i~m gonna start going through pretty quick. We spend so much time outside walking walking walking walking. They is a rule in the ´whitehandbbook´ we´re not allowed to go mountain climbing....we climb ´mountains´everyday haha. literally hill after hill after hill up and down up and down and down and up. 

We did have one really interesting experience this week. We contacted the African (i think i told you about him, from sinagul). He doesnt speak very much portugues but Saturday we met with him to teach him the 1st lesson he~s masumeno, I was 50% sure that signifies muslim now i~m 99% sure haha. Anyways We met with his neighbor too, whose brazilian and christian. We taught the restoration to them both. Sister Lira didn~t understand that they don~t believe in Jesus Christ, or the Bible and it was so funny watching them try to converse and not believe the other. She was trying to explain so he could understand, because he doesn~t speak very much portugues, less than i, and he was trying in the Portugues he knows to explain his beliefs to her. He explained that has two wives, and then his friend leaned out the window and in broken portugues said he wanted to marry a brazilian...Sister Lira. you you you he kept saying... Our new investigator (their neighbor) and I could not hold back the laughs. It was so ridiculous. And really difficult because I don~t remember much about the Koran anymore, it was really difficult to prepare to teach them. gah why don~t i remember the things i study!!! Definitely was an interesting experience. 

I mailed some more photos last week, so i don~t know when you~ll get them but you should eventually haha. 

Oh this week we are having zone conference with two zones. kinda excited and we should be having a baptism this week too!! 

well i love you and am glad all is well. Tell Lauren and Chris Hi for me. and the passantinos....everyone haha
Love you guys

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