Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September 2012


Package, yes I got everything...lots and lots of socks haha. And yes i did get the mp3 speakers and everything. You put the new batteries inside already and it must have been on the whole time it was in the package cuz they were dead when they got here :( but its all good cuz you had the spares and I found a place that sells AAA batteries. Yes the Nutella was awesome i~ve been eating it with my bananas yummmyyy. and the Jelly Bellys...i finished them today haha. No but everything was successful. No worries. All the horror stories about packages... aren~t common. (according to Irmao Israel).  Oh but you asked about supplies last time. I~ve been trying to find those footies (the tights/socks that are just for your feet perfect for flats) I can~t find any here. And they are starting to get wholes in my toes too. gah my feet are so obnoxious. 

And thats so awesome you have a baptism coming up!!!! We had one on Saturday. A member called us up and said her mom wanted to be baptized....we all thought her mother had already been baptized and was just inactive!!! Probably the easiest investigator I~ll ever have. She already knew everything and was such a pleasure to teach. And her baptism was really special especially for her family!

Spring is basically here. Instead of April Showers its Setembro Showers! Its hot one day and cold and raining the next. Its going to be hot hot hot hot soon. Luckly this winter here apparently wasn~t very bad. (and I spent most of it in the CTM) Last night we had hail apparently. I don~t know because I was sleeping (I wasn~t feeling good so i went to bed earlier and missed it). But don~t worry today i~m much better. 

We have a pavillion:????? cool!!!

And yes Sister Lira is still with me. For two more weeks. Transfers will be the 1st week in October. She~ll be heading home and I´ll probably stay here for another transfer. but who knows. 

I guess I should finish the R--- story. We lost contact with him. :( He moved and doesn~t know where he moved too, just that its in the area of our ZLs. It was really hard for us. We´ve stopped by his house a few times and talked to his cousins and brother but they don~t know and are usually less than helpful. Hopefully he remembers the things we taught and someday will take the initiative to find the church, or that the missionaries will knock on his door again. 

Oh but next week could you E-mail me pictures of short hairstyles. Its starting to get hot and having long hair is horrible :D I have some examples on my computer. and if you look up Alice from twilight (i can~t believe i~said that) something similar to that. I~m hoping that will be easier, cooler and cheaper cuz i won´t have to buy as much shampoo and conditioner lol. 

Well this week we worked, walked and walked and walked and hiked and hiked a ton. OHHHHH how could I forget! We had a special zone conference this week!!! Two zones juntas! Foi muito legal!!!!! (was SUPER COOL!) We had Elder Mazacati (idk if thats how you spell it, he´s a 70 and 2nd counselor in the area presidency for brasil. It was an incredible meeting. He talked about so many different things. But an elder asked him about how we can be more happy during our missions. I really liked the question because at times it is really hard, but his response was so profound. Our testimonies. When we remember why we are here and have testimony of what we are doing we will be happy. 

Well so next week is my birthday and its going to be very very very different. At first we thought I would be going to the temple with Sister Lira that day. (Your last week before you go home everyone in you `group´ goes to the temple...and their companions. But our area is really far and its really expensive to go. There are two sisters in our Zone leaving this transfer. Sister Lira and Sister Barbosa. So they will come here to our area, I will stay here with the companion of Sister Barbosa and Sister Lira and Sister Barbosa will go to the temple. Kinda bummed I dont get to go, but there are areas that have more opportunities to go, and its a lot cheaper.  But it will be interesting on my birthday to be working with another sister, not my companion. Wish me luck....we´re going to get so lost. Our area is huge!!!! I know most of it but there are still parts i get turned around in. 

Well I love you and miss you tons and tons. Dont really have lots of exciting stories this week. Just the Baptism!!! Whooohoooo haha. 

Hope all is well

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