Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 26,2012

So 1st thing, don´t stress you didn´t receive an e-mail yesterday. Our lives got turned upside down flipped around and rotated and any other way you can think of to manuver a life. Anyways, long long long story short. Yesterday two other sisters came here (the rest of the world had P-day) and we went on splits and worked. Today Sister Lira and Sister Barbosa went to the temple and I stayed here in Caxias with Sister Fernandes (From Sao Paulo) and we are having Pday today.Its going to be a very interesting birthday. 

OH MY GOODNESS THIS WEEK, honestly I don~t know where to begin!! It has been a rough week for me emotionally. But Heavenly Father knew that and gave us soooo many incredible blessings. 

One incredible story, I don~t know if I´ve written about the Haitianos we´ve been teaching. Remember all the humanitarian projects and things that happened in our Stake for Haiti? I now know them! they are incredible! They don~´t speak very much Portugues. But they are so ready for the gospel. Edvard, has had a baptismal date for about 2 weeks now for this next weekend. But his friend Joseph (who speaks a little ENglish) has been very hesitant. There are others but i´ll just write about these two for now. Anyways Joseph doesn~t understand very many words in Portugues but he understood baptism, and it kinda became a joke between all of us when we´d talk about baptism to invite him to be baptized. And he would always say after Edvard, after he saw Edvard´s baptism. well on sunday we had a miracle. he was a lot more open and joking around with us, usually he is very reserved (I understand why, its really hard to understand and requires a lot of concentration). Anyways we invited a friend of theirs (a brazillian) to be baptized too and she accpeted, only she lives in the area of those Elders so they get to teach her :( We turned and asked Joseph if he would be baptized with Edvard....HE SAID HE WANTED TOO!!! Not just yes but i want to be baptized with him!!! BASICALLY we were just overflowing with happiness. They love having us visit them...they´ve received visits from other Religions (while we were visiting them sometimes haha awkward) but they always tell us they love the spirit we bring and talking with us. 

Oh my goodness I have so many stories for this week!!! We have5 or 6 baptims this weekend. We need everyone's prayers. We love these investigators and each one is so special and has overcome so much.   

I have learned the importance to have a profeta (prophet). there is a scripture I read the other day, i don~t remember where butit talks about how there will be false christs and people performing "miracles" trying to lead the hearts and the elect astray. There truly are people searching for the truth but they get distracted and confused. Its so wonderful when they learn the truth, recognize it and want to change and accept the fullness of the gospel. 

Another incredible story....HAS PUPPIES in it too! I´ll send pictures the next time I send home a card (i think next week). Anyways we can´t knock on doors near other churchs. There has been one house (i´ve always felt a connection with....and i love the dogs in the yard) Chowchows...they´re little bears!!!! Anyways we were working on the street next to this particular house and we started talking with a family. They were not interested AT ALL but in their rush to get us to leave they gave us two references. They told us to visit two of their of them was this house!!! We on our own couldn~t knock there but the Lord truly works in mysterious ways!! And we could! Anyways we met the daughter and when we returned we met her mother. AND SHE IS SO AWESOME!! They have chow puppies and as we talked i expressed my love for her dogs haha she brought out the puppies so we could see them! Oh my goodness...seriously i just about died! And the blessings continued, i had my camera because we had had Zone conference that day. Usually I don~t have my camera but that day i did. (i may have already told you this story but it makes me happy and so i´ll tell it again)

Anyways i´m glad all is good at home. and wow lots of new things happenening how exciting! Gold bond is good, i will listen to the song today because yes it is on there, Oh can you make me a copy of josh groban (espeically the chrismas cd), 

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