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Tue, August 7, 2012 10:47:47 AM
August 7, 2012

Re: temple times!

Camping, weddings, nossa! Sounds like you all are going to have a crazy fun week! This weeks has been super busy for us. We contacted contacted contacted, taught over 60 lessons! and then only 2 investigators came to church :( one is the child of a new member, so CUTE! so polite, kind reminds me of Matthew. The other, the entire time, was taking (pictures?) watching us or trying to touch us. Honestly I have never felt like I needed protection before in my life. I never wanted someone by myside, or felt like i needed someone to protect me as much as I did during church with this investigator. He kept trying to take pictures, touch my hand, really awkward and strange. But there are angels around us, one of the new members (the one who~s baptism/wedding was my first weekend here) helped me so much. When this investigators stared too much, he would say something, when he tried to do/say things that were not appropriate, he came to my defense. I was so grateful for this. So yes, Heavenly Father does protect his missionaries, even if its just because they are uncomfortable in a situation. 

We´ve had a lot of successes this week, and a lot of trials. I have learned the importance of having the spirit always with you. It protects you, it guides you its amazing!

Food, SOOOO GOOOD! had ice cream for the first time in the field. Was amazing and in the house of two of my favorite primary children, they are so much fun! and we had a blast. (There are pictures on FB and they~´re supposed to be adding me so keep a look out) They eat a lot of meat so i miss fruits and vegetables but i don~t think i~ve had a meal yet i didn~t love. 

Well I can~t wait to hear about all your adventures this week! Miss you all. and I~ll try and send pictures, but Sister Lira is using my adaptor right now. So if you don~t get any this week thats why!

Oh very important announcement! PDAY HAS MOVED!!!! haha its now on Monday!!! YEAHHHH;  This next week it will be on tuesday, and then we have transfers and it will be on monday after that!

Love you all!

(Carissa tried to send pictures but it didn't work  :(   )

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