Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yeah!!! Pictures!!! Wish I could send you some, but there is a firewall that won´t let me, and the connection is really slow :( que triste! 

Well today is transferencia. I STAY HERE W/ SISTER LIRA! yeah! I´m so happy, I love this area. But when I am transfered, you go to Porto Alegre met your new companion and go to your new area. so it takes ALL DAY.

My cold left a few weeks ago, and health wise all is well. My stomach at times struggles to digest all the meat we eat (a really good thing we got all that fiber haha). 

Sister Lira, is Brazillian, she lives near Recife. (Northern part of Brasil). She is a convert to the church at 14. Her mom still is Catholica. Its really hard for her because she doesn~t hear from her family but she goes home next i will be her last companion!

This week was really special,I had my ´first´´ baptism, first were I actually was there to teach. His name is Jeferson, he~s 9 and pretty much the cutest thing ever! He is the son of  recent convert Jeferson haha. He reminds me a lot of Matthew, very polite and so sweet! I wish i could send you pictures but i~ll print some off when I can (the photo lab is always closed or out of order when we go).

We also had an interesting experience we contacted a woman who didn~t like mormons....because we have dances and activities in the church. I was taken back, she was very adamant about her opinion/dislike of the church because of this reason. I thought you know people have really interesting reasons for not liking the church...but this... we talked about sharing our talents and about why the church has them. But its really interesting when people have hard hearts...because it doesn~t matter what you say they don~t hear it. I~ve had this happen twice this week, really funny. I had her read Tiago 1:5 and then asked her what she learned from THIS scripture....she answered by talking about spirits, the bible and all kinds of other things....but not about anything she read. We sit there and listen and then when she finished asked again.....descupla but the question was... what is the significance of this  (pointing to the scripture she read) scripture. its funny at times and really difficult to teach when people try and bible bash. 

Ya it would be really neat if you could come down here. But idk if it~ll be possible for ya´ll because its either going to be in october but most likely november the last week. My mission will either be 15 months or 17months...because transfers are only 6 weeks and i had an extra 3 in the CTM

well good luck with school, seminary, Tell Brian welcome home for me. haha oh taylor oh taylor. Boa Sorte! ... oh Sister Lira thinks he~s cute :P

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