Monday, November 4, 2013

October 14, 2013

There are not words to describe everything right now. This past week I had an interview with President and it left me thinking about life after the mission and what would happen. When he said the closing prayer he asked that I be blessed with all that would be good for me because I deserve it. I love the relationship I have with President and Sister Wright. Its amazing how the Lord plans everything to work out, perfectly. I have learned so much from them. Sister Wright is the kindest person I have ever met, she is so wise, so strong and yet so humble. I wish I could be that way.

I had been feeling like my application wasn´t very strong and started thinking about other options and nothing was coming. Its like I know the end is coming but still can´t see the light. I can´t imagine how life will be.
My mission has been so blessed, everything I have needed or wanted has happened. My dream was to come to Passo Fundo, and I´m here, last week we were out of money to take the bus and a member offered to drive us back to our area, members brought us food, a baptism showed up from nowhere. (She came to church we asked if she wanted to be baptized and she said she wanted too) Referral from the Lord!!!!!!
 Anyways receiving all this blessings here on the mission I started wondering if afterwards would be the challenge. And I´m sure it will be. But I can´t believe how blessed I am, I could not ask for my life to be any better.

This past week has been really interesting. Sister R-----  is a wonderful Sister but can be hard on herself and wants to receive the blessings she wants NOW! (ex baptisms). I´ve learned its all on the Lord table and sometimes we just have to work and work without knowing exactly why and not get discouraged. Thats obedience.

I can´t believe I have exactly a month left. I will miss President and Sister Wright SOO MUCH I have learned so much from them.

And yes I´m getting better at taking pictures...a little.

Kash still hasn´t gotten her vista how sad. Its another blessing I received (Sister Wright and I talked about that all the time).

I love Passo Fundo, its a huge area. Lots of work and so it keeps you busy which is exactly what I need and want.

My birthday package.....Friday was our Zone meeting and so we will only receive cards and packages my last week in the field. So if it arrives it will be then, thanks for thinking of me, but really want I wanted for my birthday I got, accepted to the U and transferred to Passo Fundo. :D

Anyways the best miracle this week. Sister R---- has been really disheartened because she´s two weeks in the field and still hasn´t had a baptism. (I think she imagined she´d arrive and have 3 baptisms). But we´re opening an area and don´t have investigators we´re starting from 0. But on Sunday a woman came to church with her friends. Her daughter was baptized last year and we were talking to her and asked if she wanted to be baptized. She said yes she had been thinking about it for next month. (Because the person she wants to baptize her will be traveling until then). But we talked with her and marked her baptism for that evening!!!! She had her interview, passed. A few hours later she called our Zone Leaders (who have the cellphone) and said she wanted to be baptized on saturday so her husband could watch! Out of nowhere this woman appeared. Right when I was running out of things to do and say to help Sister R-----. I had been praying that I would know how to help her...and the Lord blessed us with this referral!

Its just incredible!
Love you all

( I was asking Carissa how she responded when she heard that she was accepted to the Masters Program at the University of Utah.  Here is her response.)

OH my goodness you have no idea. and my entire district is here with me! Its just too much, because seriously i was doubting. Now I´m just scared thats its going to be so hard, but i remember how i felt before leaving for the mission and how right it was to go there.

(in response to my question about what her new area, Passo Fundo, is like...)

Its a city with a countryside. So its perfect for me. There are a lot of apartments downtown (where we live) but we have a part thats pretty country, and yes green! lots of people but its not congested. Ok so i won´t print photos here hahah because its 90 cents a photo! Ya its been an incredible week!!!!

(I was telling Carissa how grateful I was that she has had President and Sister Wright as her mission president .  This is her response.)
you have no idea how much you and sister wright are alike. She makes me miss you everytime I see her, but so grateful that I have her to help me and be my friend. Its like you having Lauren when I was at byui. 

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