Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28, 2013

Bowling!!!! Us and the Sisters we live with! It was a blast but we were all super sore afterwards. haha

the view from our apt, 11th floor in downtown passo fundo....yep we are living good! (and now thanks to our ZLs we have bunkbeds) But I´m sleeping on the top bunk in front of the if we sleep with the window open.....and I fall off the bed....its a long way down haha. 

A part of our area....thats really really really far away. And we were super poor last week and so we walked!!!! Luckly this week a member gave us ´´gold´´ (little pink pastic coins) for the bus haha

To answer your questions:

The weather is undecided here. We have all four seasons in one day. Rain, sun, hot cold. It rained last week quite a bit, we´ll see what this week has in store. Our ward is amazing. And all the members here serve I´m gaining weight AGAIN! Just when I was starting to go back to normal haha But its fun.

There are several families that help us a lot. For example this weekend we had two baptisms one was a member referral and the other we had a lot of help from a member family. This family when we asked the to help us integrate our investigator family told us of course they want exaltation and they realize that this is only possible if they help us haha. It is a really special family.....6 kids!!!! all younger than 13 but they are amazing.

Our mission leader is very young, a recent returned missionary.

The ward is very normal. Lots of families it seems, but lots of inactive members. Lots of work.

Well I think those were our adventures this week.

Oh yesterday we were knocking doors with a member (trying to get lessons with a member present) and a woman invited us in. The only problem she was a missionary for another church. She tried to teach us about prophets and then she said the closing prayer and said (almost yelling in her prayer) that our faith and mission and suffering and homesickness for our families was all in vain but that the Lord would forgive us and all kinds of crazy things. Oh the adventures of being a missionary. Luckly the member still wants to serve a mission so we didn't scare him too bad.

Well Love you
Sister Bradley

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