Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

(David wrote to Carissa asking her to speak in two different sacrament meetings.  Lucky girl!)   
Yes I can, I got lucky and won´t have to speak here in Passo I´ll have to speek twice at home haha

I´m learning that enduring to the end isn´t as easy at is sounds. But this past week was really special we had a lot of success. Sadly i probably won´t witness the fruits but at least the next Sister that comes will have lots of work. Our area is huge and I´-m exhausted! But its good and I love it.


So Halloween isn´t really a holiday here. People celebrate it because we celebrate it in the USA, so its usually just a few kids. But there were a few tricker treaters but they usually got money because no one has candy. But I miss halloween!!! haha

As far as the University of Utah, I´m not really stressed (and i don´t know why) I don´t have anything planned but its gonna work out alright. But thats awesome that we have a little extra time. My only thought is if I wait the classes I need/want will be full. And my hope is to graduate ASAP. Have you looked at any financial aid?? or a government loan or something. Finances are going to be a little tricky.

Ya that would be perfect to do something at home. I will need to be set apart by the stake president. Don´t know if you have already talked to him about that. But it will be nice to see everyone again! (You have no idea how weird it is to think about all this, its so hard to stay focused and this week will be even harder because every appt we make, every baptism we mark....I won´t be here!!!) Everything is a reminder, especially the members who like to bring up the subject! But its fun, the work continues and the day by day stays the same.

This last week was really good. Sister R---- went on her 1st Member Division. She was awesome. Luan was confirmed....after a long hunt all over Passo Fundo to find him. He lives really far and the member who usually brings him didn´t come to church. We went to his house, he wasn´t there his mom called him and told him to leave his Grandfathers house and we´d pick him up on the street. It was crazy but he came and was confirmed! Literally you receive the blessings after ALL you can do (which usually includes something crazy and requires a little attitude). I thought on the mission you learn to be more spiritual and everything, calmer I don´t know....but in reality what you learn is to be diligent and firm with people. Show them by what you do that the gospel is important, because they don´t know that, so we have to put our faith in practice to take an investigator where they need to go. Because they don´t know. Its what we call the ```new era``

Received a really special tender mercy today. Bernadete (a recent convert from my last area sent me an e-mail) She is so special. We're trying to work it out so I can see her before I leave! So glad I'll get to spend a few more hours in Lindoia before leaving!

Well its gonna be quick today but I love you!
Sister Bradley

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