Monday, November 4, 2013

October 21, 2013

So far, I don´t have many questions (about the Masters program). But to be honest my head is such a mess I can´t process information straight for now. But I was looking over the list of classes. And I DON´T KNOW haha so many options.

Something I have been thinking about is FASFA or something. To see if i qualify for a little bit of help :)

Did you see!!!! I´ll be home (in CA) for lunch on the 14 of November!!!!! Wow, I thought I would be getting to Sacramento around 3 so that was a pleasant surprise.

Well this week Sister R---- was pretty sick. We stayed four days at home! Its interesting how different people are. She is really hard on herself. and puts really high expectations for everyone. Our Zone leaders are friends of mine and they were telling her how lucky she was to have me for a companion, the problem is it backfired and she created expectations that I have not been able to live up to. Its been really difficult. Because I don´t want to disappoint her I want the beginning of her mission to be special and memorable but so far its just been disappointments. Our baptisms for this last week feel through. It happens but she doesn´t seem to understand that this is part of the mission. We do all we can and we can´t choose the blessings or when they come.

But despite the difficulties this last week. We contacted a family really special. They accepted baptism, before going to church or praying they are so excited! The sad part is the parents have to get married and so its certain I won´t be here. That was a weird thought.

Well its raining and thundering and lightening which is pretty cool. We live on the 11th floor of an apt so the view is incredible! Today we are going go bowling as a district!!

Well Love you lots and lots!
Sister Bradley

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