Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 16, 2013

Sisters Conference

Porto Alegre Temple

So we just finished week four of this transfer. It is going by so quickly. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. So much happened this week, so many blessings and miracles.

Tuesday: before going to the temple we taught of our investigators (it was his 2nd visit, and we visited him during his lunch break). It was one of the worst lessons!!! He destroyed us! He wants to learn about the church because there are many ´´influencial Mormons.´´ He wants to know how the church will bless his life....professionally. Its so frustrating because he won´t go to church, but he wants us to give him all the answers. And when we give him the answers he doesn´t believe us. He wants to talk to someone more ´´´mature´´ and experienced. SO FRUSTRATING! I asked him what was his greatest desire. He said to be an influencial leader. Reminded me of myself a few years back. I began to think about what the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to our lives. In reality it changes our priorites and desires. When we put our focus on celestial things we end up not only being blest with celestial things but material as well. Anyways after that lesson Sister Carniero and I were pretty down in the dups. Luckly we had the temple afterwards. Saved our week

At the temple I saw a family from one of my past areas. I love how even in another country I always see people I know at the temple.

Well on to the bigger miracles.

We have another investigator. She is an eternal investigator (6 years), that we have restarted visiting. She has two children. One recently returned from a mission and the other is preparing. Last week she (the investigator) was home alone which hardly every happens. We talked with her for hours, about her live and challenges. In the end we invited her to be baptized, or rather to pray about baptism. We returned this past week and after a ´´brutal´´ lesson haha we invited her to be baptized again....or rather just told her her baptism was this week. She didn´t resist and we marked the day. whooohooo x-mate! Anyways we left a reminder on top of the TV and when her daughter arrived home we called her and told her to look on top of the TV. It was the best surprise. They dídn´t even know we had been visiting her again.

We also have another family we are teaching. They are already active in the church. They come the entire family, motorcylce, car all 8. Its incredible. They from the NorthEast and so they are very animated. Love it!

Everyone is really excited, but this next week is going to be a lot of work. Bút its such a blessing!

I know I don´t usually talk much about investigators or baptisms but I can´t help it this time. It is such a miracle.

Sunday was really special as well. All our recent-converts and almost all our investigators preparing for baptism were at church! whooohoooo

This past week was also the Sisters conference. We had to give a training about a topic I don´t understand why people have such a hard time with it; honoring the priesthood. So many Sisters struggle with this. Its incredible how so many things from my patriarchal blessing are being fulfilled here on the mission. And I thought that my blessing didn´t talk about serving mission!
Well I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week.

I knew Sara would love BYU, and i bet she´ll learn she likes the cold haha


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