Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013

Carissa is back  (and the graduate application is done!!)

So this coming week we will be having our leadership meeting and the
week after our sisters conference. and on top of all that Sister
C---- and I will be transferred. Because the Elders house has some
problems so they will move into our house for a while and I will go
back to Canoas!!!!! So next week I´ll have lots of news whoohooo

Yesterday was really funny everyone we talked with wanted to bible
bash. We were teaching a man in the park and all of a sudden he stood
up and started yelling and telling us all sorts of things. Poor guy
he´s really confused by all the different ideas he learned about
religion but the problem is he thinks he´s smart and knows everything
but he doesn´t realize that he´s contradicting himself.

I don´t really have to much to say this week. Sister ------ had some
problems this week so we didn´t work as much as I would have liked
too. It was difficult but in the end everything worked out.

Ir---- was baptized friday night...the 1st baptism sitting down haha.
She got scared at the last minute and just sat down in the water.
She´s adorable, 84 years old and she walks about 15-20 min to go to

Well hope you all have a wonderful week. This next week we will
probably be going to the temple so I will e-mail you on Tuesday I


Well i hope this was the photo I wanted to send. This was probably one
> of the most special occasions on my mission. Happened a few weeks back
> but never had the chance to share it. The Father is a recent convert
> and the week after his baptism he baptized his wife, and daughter.
> Sunday he shared his testimony and it was exactly what our
> investigator needed to hear. Never has anyone meet a family so
> elect!!!! wow they are incredible!

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