Friday, June 7, 2013

April 15, 2013

WHOOOHOOOOO so jealous you are there!!!!  (We were writing to Carissa from Florida/ DisneyWorld)   You have no idea! I´m so trunky hahah.

What a beautiful temple. We´re so excited about the new temple in Rio de Janiero. My companion is from Rio so its even more exciting.

This past week was wonderful. We had a conference with all the sisters of the mission. It was so amazing. They shared a video called the butterfly circus. Look for it on youtube, Its amazing. I bawled the entire time. Because it was exactly how i´d been feeling the past week. And it reminded me why we are given trials and put in difficult situations. President Wright challenged us to leave our comfort zones and always do difficult things.

This week we have found (finally) some wonderful investigators! R----  is incredible. And now I understand why the missions in the northeast are always baptizing. He is from Forteleza, He is very open, and has a strong desire to do whats right and follow God. He always stopped and talked to us in the street but never wanted to receive the lessons (his sister had already taken and received an answer (last year i think) but didn'´t want to follow.). Anyways one day he started talking to us and told us he had stopped going to his church and started asking about the church. We invited him to conference. He went. He loved it. and last night we had a family night with him and another family in the ward. It was incredible! Even though this couple is a lot older than him, P--- is becoming like a father to R------ already. When R---- said the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for putting all these wonderful people in his life. It was one of the most sincere prayers I´ve ever heard! He has been resisting saying a prayer with us, and he finally did it, and made everyone cry. The spirit is so strong when we teach him. Its wonderful. He is ´dating´a girl from Forteleza and is going to invite her to receive the missionaries. He´s already thinking about getting married in the temple (helps that I showed him a picture of the currently being constructed temple in Forteleza)!!!! YEAHHHHHH

Well i don´t have too much news this week. Hope you all have a wonderful week in Florida. Did Dad go? or is he working?

Oh and my surprise I told you about a few weeks back. I´m going to do it today! I´m going to dye my hair!!!! Highlights!!! I´m going to be blond!!!! (kinda). I was supposed to do it this morning, but he couldn´t so here in 10 min we´re going to the salon!! But the best part is I don´t have to pay anything! Its a member who has a beauty school and its a service he does for the sisters in our zone!

Well if i like it i´ll send pictures next week. And next week is transfers!!! I don´t think anything will change but who knows!

Love you all

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