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June 3, 2013

Ya that's becoming the story of my mission. Work in one area, find people....leave and the baptisms are another's. But now I hope I will stay here in my new area until the end of my mission....lets see. Probably just 6 six weeks again. No its a huge responsibility. I am the first sister trainer leader. Basically we´re the LZ´s (zone leaders) of the mission for sisters. We will be going in divisions with sisters every week, and our area has to be the example area of the mission. Baptizing every week!!!
And my companion Sister Carneiro just finished her training. She only has 12 weeks but she is incredible! Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed but its really just an opportunity to get closer to the spirit. And there's no time to rest--- its run run run from the min you wake up till you lay down again.

Its funny the things you hear sometimes. My last area was a branch and a group. Just imagine the things we heard! haha

Love you


Well lots of news and adventures!!! I´m back in Porto Alegre I´m in the area Lindóia. (Right next to my old area in POA, Elizabeth) Its fun to see some members I already knew. Lindóia is an amazing area. We are already seeing many miracles. One of the first was a referral we received. From Elder Godoy!!!!! His cousin lives in our area, who isn´t a member. My 2nd day here we went to teach him with the Stake President! He is incredible, he came to church on sunday and his aunt (Elder Godoy´s mother) Came to church with him. She lives in another city and came especially to accompany him to church. ((The really cool part is in a few weeks, Elder Godoy will be coming to visit our mission....we hope we can do a visit with him)). We´re learning to dream big. Its so different here than my last area where the church is so small. Here everyone has been members for FOREVER!

Well our new assignment is to be sister leader trainers. So we will be visiting one area every week and going on divisions with them. And our area needs to be the example area for Sisters. Here we have a standard of excellency for every week. President showed me his list and as of this year, not one companionship of sisters has met this standard. I´ve been close a few times but never met the goal. Now we have to meet it every week, and baptize every week. Its a lot of pressure. 

Our new house is above three recent converts. They are so funny, but are not used to missionary life. They treat us like neighbors, they want to visit us and want us to visit them. Its complicated but very funny. Like every area the problems here are very different than any other area. 

My Companion is Sister Carneiro. She is very new to the mission. This is her 3rd transfer. But is a very powerful sister. It appears as if she´s been on the mission longer than me! She´s a natural. She is from Sao Paulo as well. 

But how are things with everyone. I can´t imagine it being summer. Its starting to get cold here I have one more year of cold to look forward too! How are things with applying for UofU. Do I have to have an interview? If so that could create a little problem. If not could you send me information about the school again. Because I didn´t write my letter of intent so i need to do that. and information about the courses would be very welcome and helpful. 

Well glad Sara´s back and all is well. And is going to BYU I´m soooo excited she´s going to love it!!!!!!

Oh and can you please add S-----  on facebook. She is my recent convert from Santo Antonio and it just about killed her when I was transferred. I told her you would accept her as my friend haha. 

Well love you tons and tons

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