Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey hey,

Ok well what can I tell you about this week. I have learned the power of a phone call. One phone call changes you entire life. I was in Gravataí (on splits with a Sister) when Sister Wright called me 10:20 at night telling me I had to come back to Porto Alegre. Division ended and 1st thing the next morning I was on a bus back to Porto Alegre. Now we have another companionship living in our house and no one really knows whats happening. But we just keep going. Everyday something happens and we just have to be flexible and go with the flow! Or rather Satan is giving lots of chances to be weak and we have to stay strong, positive and just keep working no matter what.

Thats so awesome you going to see Elder Arnett (has he already ended his mission??? time goes by so fast!!!) Yes I remember him. Its really special to have those connections on the mission. There is a family I know here in Porto Alegre. I knew them when I was in Elizabeth, but they live here in Lind√≥ia but they are moving to the USA next month. (We´ve already made plans to meet when I get back haha).

WE HAVE SISTERS IN OUR STAKE!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!!! whooohooooooooo

And Les Mis....I can´t believe you all went to see it without me. No one can wait haha. Now that you´ve seen the play you can watch the movie and tell me its as amazing as I hoped!

So many changes, I can´t believe it. I can´t keep up with everything. (to be honest kinda stopped trying).

No haven´t gotten the package yet, but usually takes a while. I haven´t had to pay anything...yet. But I know of another Sister that had to pay and still hasn´t received her package. You never know. But no worries, it all works out.

But I´m starting to think about the UofU and there is the summer semester. When does the summer term start? It might be easier to apply for that one and not have to worry about it while I´m here. But then that raises the question what will I do for 6 months when I get back. Who knows. I don´t know, how complicated does it seem?

Well I don´t have much news its been crazy here but kinda complicated to explain. But all is well, we´re happy and always exhausted!

Love you,

The group in Santo Antonio da Patrulha

Sister Missionaries at their farewell in Osorio

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