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April 29, 2013

Carissa with her blonde highlights 
Cuter than ever, don't you think?


Sorry my e-mails haven´t been as informative as before. There wasn´t much to tell, but now..... lets see how fast I can type. 

As you all know I was transferred again. So far i´m 3 for 3 for transfers this year. But my new area is incredible! I´m in Osorio, its near the beach although its really not that close to us!!!! Its a little city. Here is very different than all my other areas. Here we are working in a branch, and my companion and I also are responsible for another area Santo Antonio where the church is so new it is only a group. So i´m learning two areas (and one that my companion doesn´t know we get lost all the time) haha. Santo Antonio is really far, we have to take a bus for 50 min to arrive there. But it is a really special ´place. 

I don´t really know how to explain this area. It has such a strong spirit you can feel the potential of this area. But there is opposition in all things. We have to be 100% dilligent, obedient, faithful. 

So my new companion Sister Costa is from Sao Paulo (the state not the capital). I am living in four!(meaning she had three other roommates) and Sister Loss (who lives with us) is 19 she is the baby of the mission. But she´s awesome. And we are having a blast. There are so many missionaries coming we are bursting at the seams. The work is going so quickly, you can feel it accelerating. 

One of the photos that i sent was of a man I taught in my last area. He was baptized last week. I wasn´t there but it made me so happy to see his name on the list of baptisms for the week. To give you an idea of how the work is accelerating. When I arrived on the mission i think there were 30- 40 baptism per month last month 135. 

The other photo is me and my new companion! Sister Costa at a Conference we had on sunday.

I´m still not sure what we will do for mother´s day. I just arrived here and so I don´t know yet. But i´m very excited to get to talk to you all. FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I can´t believe how quickly time passes. 

Well I love you

The change is wonderful. its a wonderful area here. Here reminds me a lot of home. its not a huge city. there are mountains!!!! its closer to the beach, but its not in our area. Which is a good thing or its a constant reminder that you're on the mission. we don´t have a chapel and so we have a small pool for baptisms and in Santo Antonio, they had a baptism in the lake. Oh ya its an adventure here!

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