Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May 6, 2013

Miracles, Faith, Trials, Tribulations, obedience, diligence, force.....what other words can I use to describe this crazy week. 

So I´ll just start from the beginning. 
Tuesday we had a wonderful day. It was literally a day planned in heaven for us. We had spent the week before contacting everyone here in Osório and Tuesday we visited them. The houses were close together everyone accepted our message, baptism and was just incredible. I told Sister Costa this was going to be a wonderful week! 

Wednesday, we went to Santo Antonio. I was really nervous, because the group leader did not want me there. He was really upset when the sister was transferred. I was really worried to take him with us to teach. I was worried he wouldn´t like my teaching style or something. I don´t know exactly why but I was worried. Anyways we went to visit a recent-convert with him, her Sister (S-----, an ex-investigator of 13 yrs) started to talk to us. We taught her a lesson, and I felt a strong impression to invite her to be baptized. I started the mental battle. Sister C--- had told me She´s a rebellious little girl, who has already had 1 or 2 baptism dates and then decides its not what she wants. So I started asking questions. I asked her if she was praying, she didn´t really answer. I asked if she had asked if the church was true, she said she hadn´t asked (I felt like I was trying to show the spirit I couldn´t invite her). But then the spirit taught me a lesson, I asked her why she didn´t ask. She answered I don´t need to ask I already know..... I was like ok it takes me a while but I learn. Invited her to be baptized this Sunday....she said yes. OH ya best week ever. 


Friday night. S----- called saying she was too young, she wasn´t ready. I started to talk with her. She finally accepted to continue at least with the interview. 

Saturday: Interview. We arrived at her house with the Elders. It was hiliarious. She had put in a fake piercing in her lip. (There is no way it was real because she´s not allowed to leave her house). Rebellious little girl. haha But everything else went smoothly we talked with her and she said decided to continue forward.

Sunday Morning: I called to make sure she and her sister would be going to church (the sister's confirmation was that day). S----- said they wouldn´t be going to church and her sister didn´t want to go anymore. ahhhhhhhhh

We drove with some members from Osório to Santo Antonio (30min) stopped by their house. She didn´t let us in, so I started talking to her through the window haha. She started giving me all kinds of excuses and told me she wouldn´t go. I asked her if she wanted to still be baptized today. She said yes. and then I asked if she would go to church and she said no. And then I said something I never thought i´d say on the mission. well then you will not be baptized. She gave me a look a teenager gives to her mother when they fight haha. But she went and got ready and went to church. (but still her sister didn´t go). After Church we returned to Osório, we had lunch with the branch president while we were eating her sister called saying S---- went to the hopital. One thing after another. We returned to Santo Antonio (with the President´s wife who is a nurse) we went to see the sister, confirmed her a member of the church. and then went to the hospital to see S----.  We arrived and hardly anything was wrong with her. Her blood pressure was low because she hadn´t eaten (Satan really works hard). We arrived at the hospital with members from Osório and the group in Santo Antonio. When we learned everything was fine (and was something almost ridiculous). We took her up to the pool and had a beautiful freezing cold baptismal service. I couldn´t believe how many times I had to invite her to be baptized in one day. She is such a special young lady. It was a beautiful day, the view was beautiful. And it was neat to see how we were tested to see if we really would do all in our power to help this family. And we did there was nothing else we could do more, it wasn´t just us missionaries but everyone sacrificed and gave their all and we were blessed with a miracle!

well thats all i have time to write this week but know i love you and can´t wait to talk with you all this weekend!!!!

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