Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Oh My goodness I don´t believe all the changes. I had no idea about
Sister Brown, that has to be so hard for everyone. She was such a
special lady.

And yes we saw the training yesterday. My companion and I left the mtg
thrilled to be missionaries. Its interesting because I am certain it
was for me to serve my mission during this time. But its so true, with
so many missionaries there won´t be work for us all if the members
don´t become involved. Sister Carneiro and I have been talking a lot
about that. Because its through members that missionary work should be
done but most members have this idea that missionary work is for the
missionaries, and if it fits in their schedule for members. Its
hilarious because our mission has been using the phrase new era for
months and when we heard it yesterday we all became very excited. It
truly is a new era, the last days are here. Its the final push, for
now its exciting and new but we will have to maintain this stamina for
who knows how long it will be hard but its incredible.

Its funny you say the part about numbers because I was talking with
the secretaries about numbers. For us as missionaries its all about
numbers, church headquarters as well. And the prophet probably uses
numbers as well. And when he spoke yesterday about his experience as
mission president what did he do....gave him a number/goal. haha we
just have to get used to numbers they follow us throughout our life.

Yes already renewed it. (I was asking her about her visa and if she 
had to renew it.)   I´m good to stay here for another year.
(Although with all the changes I kinda want to stay till the

I´m so excited we are going to have sisters. Keep them busy, show them
that Chico knows how to treat missionaries. Referrals, family nights,
the house is always open for what they need, cars, visits. Its so hard
to be a missionary without the help of a ward, and there is so much
more success if the members are involved. But usually missionaries
won´t force them to help, if you help wonderful if not we run even
harder but without as much success.

(Carissa is tellinig about her latest baptism)his name is j--------. He is 12 years old, a contact, he is
amazing. He is so excited to receive the priesthood, he is already
trying to baptize his entire family. After his baptism (in freezing
cold water) he was telling his cousin (who we´re teaching) that her
baptism will be next sunday. What a good little missionary!!! Its
crazy its only been 3 weeks we´ve been teaching him and he´s already
such a strong member. The problem the leaders don´t see that, they see
a 12 year old kid that the sisters brought to church once and are now
`throwing him in the water.´ But it doesn´t matter because we know and
we know the lord knows.
well love you tons and tons!!!

(I was asking her about the demonstrations in Brazil and if she was affected)we received a phone call telling us to avoid groups of people but so
far we haven´t seen anything its more in areas like sao paulo or
brasilia, bigger famous cities

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