Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May 20, 2013

Best area yet? Lets go with the area with the most challenges where I will learn the most. Where I am not wanted but am learning its not about acceptance, its about work. Everyone says you change on the mission, its true. You learn to be hard hearted. (Who´d have thought). You learn to do the things no one else will do, you learn you can´t trust anyone, only your companion. But you learn to rely on the savior to guide you through. And you learn to appreciate the good people in your life and to appreciate the sweet moments.  

Next week will be transfers, and its going to be interesting to see what happens. There are going to be some huge changes in the mission. 

Well I don´t have to much to say this week. Hope everyone is well. Tell everyone congratulations for me!
Love you
Sister Bradley

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