Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hi Mom,

Yes I got my package this week!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Peanut butter and
nutella I´m a very happy camper.

So our new assignment is to be Sister Leader Trainers. Not too much has
changed just that we go on splits once a week with a companionship.
Its a new calling and so all the bugs haven´t been worked out, but our
most important responsibility is to be examples for the other sisters
and to have an exemplar area. No we don´t travel alone, always have to
be with a companion. Usually the sisters are close to our area but
this past week we went to an area that was about 3 hours away. But it
was where we needed to be. It was an incredible division, I learned so
much and Sister Carneiro and I really feel we were able to do miracles
with them. One thing the assistants told us when we first arrived here
in POA was that when we went on divisions we would do miracles in
those areas. I was a little skeptical, I didn´t see how in 24 hours I
could really make a difference in an area. After this weekend, I´ve
repented! Miracles happen everyday, and during a division they are
even clearer and more powerful! Its so interesting to see how much
things have changed on the mission since I arrived. And how much I´ve
already changed, sometimes I wonder if its really for the best haha. I
remember when I was set apart and it said I would develop attributes
and talents faster than if I hadn´t served, I´m seeing this change in
my life as a response to that promise.

Another thing I thought interesting in one of my blessings says
that as I give of myself in Christlike service I will have
opportunities to have a ´vast influence´ in the church. Here we have
sisters from 5 different countries!!! I´m seeing so many promises and
blessings being fulfilled! Its kind of scary but incredible all at the
same time!

Tell Taylor hi for me, ask if he ever got my letters? and that he
better e-mail me someday!!!!!

Oh how I miss girls camp!!!! Thats so fun you got to go! I received a
letter a few days ago from a recent convert S----- . She´s a young woman and oh I
wish she could go to a girls camp like ours. And have those special
experiences I had. Really in Chico we are so blessed with all the
activities and opportunities we have in the church!

Kash, she will get portugues scriptures, preach my gospel and
everything in the CTM, its not a quad (you wouldn´t want it) and
actually its really hard to find a quad in portugues. Yes you will
probably want your English scriptures,

Well I love you tons and tons!!!

OH Dad I'm so happy you're a les mis convert. Its amazing!!! Well I
gotta be quick today but hope everything is well with you. Matthew I
completely agree with you the mission is a beginning and prepares us
for the future. Michael! a mini mission whats that??? Congrats on the
eagle project. I'm so proud of you for achieving this great
accomplishment!!! whoohooo we're gonna have an eagle scout in the

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