Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May 27, 2013

QUIET WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (My letter to Carissa was titled Quiet Week, obviously hers was NOT!)  It was everything but a quiet week here! And no my journal is covered in dust.  (I had told her she had better be writing in her journal.) I´m trying to be better but there just isn´t time to keep up with all the drama. But I´ll share the most important. I am now four for four....TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!!!! But this time its because of what I told you last week. I just got off the phone with President, I know where I´m going, whose my companion, and I´m going to continue doing divisions with the sisters but now its my calling. AHHHHHHHH I´m so nervous and so excited. But it will be fun to go back to Porto Alegre.

It is so hard to leave Osório and Santo Antonio. This past week, the 1st person that was baptized in Santo Antonio, left home, to live with her boyfriend (15years old). And we were there talking with her and her mother when she left. It was really hard for her mother. Now her little sister (Shaiane, who was baptized after) has changed completely. She used to be a rebellious teenager. Now she is doing personal progress preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms. But her older sister who before appeared to be more interested in the gospel changed completely. It was a really dramatic day.

And then the APs called and said that once again I will be transferred and that Osório will change to an area for Elders so all four sisters are preparing to leave the area. Its crazy. Imagine 4 sisters packing and organizing everything. Our apt is a mess.

Give my best to Lauren. She´s so amazing, and of course i´ll keep her in my prayers.

I loved this past transfer. Living in 4 (sisters in one apartment) is a blast. This morning I died laughing with sister loss, sister costa, and sister barnes. It was a transfer full of challenges, one of the most challenging i´ve had but it was one of the funnest and most satisfying transfers.

Shaiane- (recent-convert) cried and cried when Sister Costa and I told her we were leaving. She told me that I had changed her life. Its really the 1st time i feel like it was me that helped someone become and see how they could be.

Well glad you all had a calm week. give a big hug to sara and everyone.

Love you tons!

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