Friday, June 7, 2013

April 1, 2013

Trying to catch up!!

Hey, Ya on the mission you are always running its crazy. And its really a sacrifice, because I´m so ready to stick in one place!! Remember before the mission? someday those days will come....i hope.

This week was easter here too. And holidays are always complicated. But Saturday was a miracle and we managed to surpass almost all of our goals for the week! IT was nice to have a day with lots of success. Because this area is hard. 

For Kashmir, i don´´t know if she´ll need to brink the sleeping bag. Its nice but here all the houses already have blankets. I have never been to curitiba, but Sister M said its cooler there. Not freezing but won´t be as hot as Rio Grande do Sul during the summer. Shoes, the clarks are good but you will have a terrible tan line. So I don´t use them very much anymore. An Idea is crocks. Not the ugly type everyone knows. But the mark crocks has some lightweight shoes that have worked really well for S. M.    

Our apt here in Fernandes is good. I like it, its larger than in Canoas Centro. 

This area is a little harder because, our lunch apts almost always fall through or people just give us a little money to eat at home. (I want to know if that happens in our ward!?) It could be good because it give me an opportunity to eat healtheir....but it doesn´t happen i end up eating worse. So I need your help in ideas of filling satisfying cheap things i can buy to eat. I´m trying really hard to stop drinking soda...especially coke. Can you believe it, before the mission I couldn´t stand cokacola....and now I love it! grrrr 

but exciting news....I FINISHED THE OLD TESTSTAMENT YESTERDAY!!! It was really neat because I saved Isaiah for last and so i read the prophecies about Jesus on Easter...that was kinda cool. 

Investigators: special story. M----- is a young man about -- years old. When I went on Splits with Sister B here in Fernandes a few months ago, we visited him for the 1st time. and now I´m teaching him. He is a good young man but is scared to death of comitments! He won´t accept a baptismal date! So we tried our new technique, and talked about the baptismal interview, and he accepted an interview! We fasted for him yesterday, and when he didn´t come to church like he promised....i´m terrible and went to his house 9:30 in the morning to `make sure everything was ok´....and bring him to church. It was hilarious. My companion did not want to go she was afraid what he would think....the things we do on the mission. I´ve done things here that before the mission I would NEVER do. But I´ve learned we have to show our investigators we really care. and that the things we ask them to do are important for them and for us. But he came to church.

once again i´m short on time to write, there are so many things they want us to do on the internet now one hour just is not enough time! 

and next week its possible i will have a surprise for you all....we´ll see if president will let me do it. hahaha suspense! 

well i love you! 

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