Friday, June 7, 2013

April 8, 2013


Conference was wonderful, Sunday a little less for us because the Assistants to the President called the morning of telling us to invite all our investigators at conference to be baptized THAT DAY. Stressss!!!!!! (and no we didnt have a baptism).

So Conference we watch the normal transmission. One o´clock in the afternoon and 5. The only sessions that are rebroadcast was priesthood (9-11 at night) and YW broadcast Saturday morning. But we can only watch the general session.

It was really funny because we watch it at the stake old area. So It was really special to see a bunch of people that I already knew!

Meals: So in the Rio Grande do Sul, its not like the northeast of Brasil where there are fruit and coconut trees on every corner. But there is a store here that every wednesday they have a huge sale on fruit. Dad would die everythings so cheap. Luckily our area is small so when our meals fall through or they give us money, we just eat at home. (Its cheaper than eating at restaurants everyday). Smoothies yes, all the time....except this week because the mission office forgot to pay our energy bill....we are know 4 days without energy! (This week was wonderful, the most stressful of the mission by far).

Thats so funny, my last companion in Canoas Centro, she has been there 6 or 7 transfers! She only had 2 areas here in Brasil! And I´m already in my fourth!

but thats so awesome he´s training? Tips???

The Liahonas you´ve been sending i don´t think i´ve been getting them. Some months we receive the liahona but sometimes no. Which address have you been sending it too? Oh my mission address in the church bulletin is wrong. Sister Seipert sends me a card every now and then and she always sends it to the secretaries (with all the bills and financial stuff), and then it takes forever to get to me.  The address is the Caixa Postal.

Anyways like I said this week was crazy. One difficulty or disappointment after another. Started on Thursday. We had marked to visit an investigator (who should be baptized this week) He´s a young man, and doesn´t know still if this is what he wants. We planned to bring a member to his house....and for the 1st time in all the time we´ve been teaching him....he wasn't there. Tell it to the Elders and they´ll understand. A lesson with members is the HARDEST THING (I think she means it is hard to coordinate and organize) and it is one of the few things that matter for our mission. and then immediately afterwards it started to rain....and rain and rain and rain. We were completely soaked to the skin. and when we thought we couldn´t get any wetter. we did. and when we were completely soaked we arrived at our apt. and in front of our complex was a lake. That we had to walk through up to mid-calf to get in. And the streets here are not exactly clean. In fact they are usually full of trash. Thinking about what could be in that water.....ya don´t want to think about it.  And that was just the start of our adventurous weekend.

Hoping this weekend will be less adventurous. Luckily are Zone Leaders are amazing. (one of them was in the CTM with me) I was telling them everything that happened with us this week. They helped me keep everything in perspective. ...The blessings better be coming soon! and if not, my husband is going to be incredible haha.

Well I love you! Have a wonderful rainy week in Florida. Still jealous you're all going there. How long is Sara going to be working there? haven´t heard anything from her since she went to Florida


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