Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 4, 2013

No I´m fine, it was just like alergies gone crazy or something.  (I was asking her about her trip to the hospital last week.)

 The Lord has truely blessed me with abilities I didn´t have in other transfers so that I can continue working and teaching. For example I remember names and addresses of people I have never met, in streets I have only passed once or twice. Its incredible. 

I love my area. Ever since my birthday, when I was on splits with another sister who served here, I have wanted to come to Canoas Centro. Its a large area but I already have such a love for this area and members. As always we have our problems, but I am seeing a huge change coming. A new mission leader and instructor for Gospel Principles were called this last week and they are excellent. I´m praying for the energy and force I need to do our part. 

This last week was really hard for me but there were some wonderfully sweet moments. I----, she was baptized last week, went and visited some investigators with us and is a friend to investigators we brought to church. She shares her testimony and tells everyone about her baptism. Its wonderful! There is nothing better than to hear and see your recent-converts loving the gospel. 

Today we had P-DAY DE ZONA!!!!!!!!! whoohoooo. We watched The Other Side of Heaven.... wow we realized what a mushy movie that was! But there are some wonderful parts that as a missionary have a whole new meaning! 

Ya we heard about the new missions!! (The LDS church announced they are opening 58 new missions.  7 of them will be in Brazil!)  I haven´t read or seen the official report just the rumors that fly aroung the mission. But as far as I´ve heard it won´t affect our mission. 

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