Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kash!!!! S. M---- is from Curitiba! She will love it there. The state of Parana is supposed to be beautiful! (and from what i hear the church is stronger there!)

You know the crazy thing I was thinking about Lauren and Chris the other day thinking, I haven´t heard if she´s pregnant only 8 months left so chances are i won´t miss their kids....great. I miss everything haha

Thats an incredible story. Won´t lie my new area is challenging. Its hard to see the growth.  And our mission has the goal of baptizing.... EVERY AREA, EVERY WEEK!  its hard, we have to have a level of obedience more than normal missionaries. Our mission rules changed, our method of working is changing. The attitude and spirit of our mission is changing. And we are working. 

In this area we have a lot of families that have members that aren´t baptized yet. One of them M----. How can I explain him. He is very smart, and he talks..... A LOT! But he has developed a lot of respect for me, and is now progressing. Reading the scriptures...everyday. and he has been attending church for a few months now. Its neat to see how I have been able to help someone progress. he needs to get married so the baptism will be a while. but its neat when I start teaching he pays attention and actually listens. S. A---- told me he wasn´t that way with others. but still he asks the hardest questions, and has some interesting ideas. I always leave his house with a headache. 

Well I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday. I never had a problem giving talks in English....Its so much harder in another language. 

This weekend we had a conference with several zones. Some of the mission doctors in Sao Paulos came to give a of them was in my branch presidency in the ctm. And they remembered me!!! (we were part of their 1st group). It was so fun to see them again. And to see President and Sister Wright and so many missionaries. It gives you that extra push sometimes we need. 

It was a really special experience for me because I learned a little bit more about my own blessing and the timing of the Lord. 

Well I love you all, good to hear all of your experiences and stories! 

love you 

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