Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 18, 2013

What exciting news!!!

Oh my goodness Sarah Woods is going on a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost exactly a year after I left!!!!! ( and exactly 9 months before I come home!!) I won´t see her for 2 1/2 years!!!! But how exciting. Tell her I´m SOOOOOOO excited for her and she will love it and be amazing!!! I don´t even know what to say what wonderful news!!!

OH ya valentines day was this week.....i totally forgot! OH Shaggy what a silly boy. Hows he adjusting to having a dog in the house? (...just so you know in my new area we have investigators with Chow chows...i think Heavenly Father wants me to remember that i love dogs)

I couldn´t remember what day as faustnaughts day. But i knew it was sometime during carnaval (because its bascially the same idea...except here on steroids). So I bought cheese bread (Pão de queixo) and sonho (kinda like cream stuffed donoughts) to celebrate :P

Well this past week, wasn´t too exciting. Worked really hard, talking with EVERYONE haha

This weekend we will have a baptism, a mother of a recently returned missionary. She has known the church is true for 20 years!!! But this weekend she will finally marry her husband and finally will take the step to be baptized! Its going to be really special. And what a wonderful blessing from a mission, for a missionary. 

Oh!!!! Dad you're gonna love this!!! We have an investigator. J----, I´ll probably write a lot about him because he´s incredible and every missionary that passes through this area talks about him. His two children have already been baptized. He is in a judicial process so he can´t be baptized. But he is so faithful and teaches all of us ....all the time. But a few days ago we went to visit them. He´s watched every church film...twice. Had every lesson at least 4-6 times. We were trying to think of what we could teach them....and i remembered scripture charades!!!! SO guess what this family now loves? And although they have only known about the gospel for a few months....they know so many stories!!! it was a blast. Every time we visit they ask if we can play it again. Won´t lie i started to miss being a kid and doing scripture charades as a family....still not sure if i miss the prophet and apostles quizes yet :P But what a wonderful tradition. On sunday we had a talk about traditions. And the righteous traditions we should have....i started thinking about all the things we did as a family....we have a ton, how wonderful is that?

Well I love you! Miss you all

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