Monday, March 25, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hey Family!

Alright 1st I have really exciting news! Today we received an e-mail WE CAN E-MAIL FRIENDS, FAMILY, PRIESTHOOD LEADERS, AND RECENT CONVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOOOO So if you can let people know I can now e-mail others yippy.

So glad I don´t have to do taxes haha so much stress for so little gratification. 

I´m so jealous you are going to disneyworld. Take lots of pictures of Harry Potter World for me!! Someday I´ll visit it haha How long will Sara be working there? just 6 months or the whole year?

Ok but transfers...I won´t lie was CRAZY!!! So I was transferred from Canoas Centro (after only 5 weeks). Here transfers are a little different than in the USA (or so I´m told) we don´t know where we will be transfered until we arrive at the bus station in Porto Alegre. and I was transfered to the area that is right next to Canoas Centro. Its part of the same stake and zone and everything! I could not believe it!!! So I am now in Fernandes, the smallest area in the entire mission!!! Its like missionaries being transfered from the chico 5th the chico 2nd ward. 

My companion is Sister A-----. She is from Rio de Janeiro. She only has 2 transfers here so I´m trying to help her gain confidence as a missionary. But she is a wonderful missionary. 


  family night with Jorge and his kids (Canoas Centro) Playing the Bis Game. Bis is a type of chocolate and you have to try and open it using a fork and a knife...and we created all kinds of challenges....eyes closed, one hand only two fingers. We had to get creative.

 S. Marques, Me, Sister Costa, Sister Holladay. Divisions with the Sisters in Osorio (near the beach)

Canoas and you can see Porto Alegre 

Planes, we are near a base and so there are tons of jets and military planes. And now in Fernandes I´-m even closer! Its so loud!!!

: ME and Sister Holladay. I contacted a woman from another religion, she gave us all kinds of things inviting us to come to her church and receive a prayer. It was very....different. 

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