Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 26, 2013

Calm quiet week in california....Canoas RS. A completly different story.

First I should let you know then that both your daughters went to the hospital this week. For me it was the 1st time in Brasil. Everythings fine we think it was a sinus infection. I started feeling sick, but we had a baptism this week and tons of appointments. I wasn´t dead so we left, the only problem where we went is REALLY REALLY REALLY far. And then it started to downpour and we were in the middle of nowhere!! I got soaked, and forgot my camera so i don´t have pictures. We went back home and I was feeling terrible. I called Sister Wright and she told me to go to the hospital but i was so tired I told her i would go the next morning and get a blessing from our LZs the next day at district meeting. About 20 min later she called us back telling us that they were coming to Canoas bringing two sisters to stay the night with us. Because of the rain these Sisters were stuck in Porto Alegre so Pres, and sister Wright were driving them to Canoas (about 20 min) to stay the night with us. So I asked President to give me a blessing. How many people can say their mission president drove to another city to give them a blessing? (Ok it wasn't just for me, but they love me :D )

 What a crazy day (it was wednesday). Thursday i woke up feeling better, we went to district meeting and then I got worse. We had our baptismal interview at the chapel. and afterwards our investigator and her son (a recently returned missionary) took us to their house for lunch and then to the hospital. I got my 1st penicylin shot...ever! and lots of medicine haha And now i´m much better.

and the adventures continue

Friday, was the wedding of our investigator. We had a great day lots of visits and teaching with members and then we ended the day celebrating their wedding. They took us home, and Sister H------ spent the entire night with a sour stomach!!! So we stayed home all Saturday! WE MISSED OUR BAPTISM!!!! I organized everything from our living room and everything went .... fairly smoothly i think. I was talking to Sister Wright, joking that we are so amazing, we can baptize without leaving our house.

On Sunday S. H----- was still really weak so we went to church and I organized for me to go on splits so we could at least get some things done. We spent the entire weekend and some of Monday at home because she was sick....I have read so much of the Old Testament these past 3 days!!!! I´m going to have the world record for reading the old testament the fastest :P Well everythings better now at least so that's a blessing.

Well today we are off to the temple as a zone. and then next week we have p-day as a zone!!!! whoohoooo Even if we only are going to get to spend it at the stake center.

I wrote Taylor a letter but i sent it to the other address. So i don´t know if he got it :(

Loved the pictures. I´ll send some more next week....maybe haha
Transfers is coming up in two weeks....gonna be some big changes. I´m really excited!

well I love you, hopefully the computer lasts through 8th grade projects and everything.

Sister Bradley

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