Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 11, 2013

Ok so as everyone knows today is transfers. I only have 5 weeks in this area, I was sure I would stay here....but nothing ever happens how I think it will. I´m being transferred! That means its been less than 5 weeks since I last packed all my suitcases, and I get to do it again. I hope I made a difference in this area. I love it here in Canoas. It was an area I wanted to serve, now I´m dying to know whats going to happen tomorrow. So my letter is going to be really short because I can´t manage to think about anything else right now haha. 

This week was good. We went on divisions in Osorio. (Its near the beach and its beautiful!) It was wonderful because I was companions with S. M----- again. I love her and she is an excellent missionary. Just listening to her teach again,. it was so easy to pay attention and feel the spirit. Its something I really admire about her. Then in district meeting we were doing some practices teaching, and everyone said it was the same with me. It was such a compliment. 

This week has been really good we have been visiting some neighbors of a Recent convert and she comes and bears her testimony. Its so wonderful to hear the conviction she has. She tells everyone she knows about her baptism!! and invites them to hear a message with us.

Well I love you all and hope everything is well.  sorry its so short today. 

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