Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wed, May 30, 2012 10:02:07 AM

Ok so just so you know i'm always a week behind on your emails because i take pictures of the screen and read them later that away i have the most time to type! This week as been so crazy!!! We've had awesome experiences and some really tough times. I am learning the importance of missionary work, and how important it is in others lives. and how devistating it can be when we are not able to help others.
I've cried more this week than probably my entire life. It started out with sunday we watched the movie 17 miracles and my entire companionship just could not keep it together. The next day one of our "investigators" told us that he could not longer take the discussions with us because his parents didn't support it and we didn't know what to say or how to help him. We knew that there was something we were supposed to say that would change his mind but we didn't know what or how. Afterwards our teacher (also our investigator) talked to us about how we should have handled the situation. It was a rough lesson and we really felt like we had failed. We said a prayer together, and it was probably the most spiritual experience I have had thusfar on my mission. Hearing him pray for us brought me to tears. Ironically after my companions had told him that I don't cry he made me cry. but it was so sweet and I felt how aware heavnely father is of our trials and weaknesses and that we need to work as hard as we can here in the ctm so that we can actually help people understand how important the gospel is to them.
Finally, two of our favorite districts (other than our own) left this week. We made such good friends with them and they helped us learn so much.The one disctict that left was amazing! They were hispanic and brazillian. Elder Reibero could speak portugues and english and he taught us so much, plus he was from Porto Alegre!!! His companion (Elder Qualerlo) was really short and kinda looked like a panda thats what the elders in our district call him. We would always tell him that he looked so cute, and Elder Reibero started saying it too. The way he says it is so funny!!! The CTM is just not the same anymore without them. We had some great times with those Elders and wish i could send you the pictures so you could know what they looked like but we can't do that here in the CTM :(
Other news, after playing i'm a child of god for the fireside This Sunday for mission conference i'm singing in a small choir Hold to the Rod. Its so intimidating because there are 3-4 sopranos and two of them are amazing! But its fun to get to sing, and its a really fun arrangement!  Oh and last night we got to listen to David Archuleta sing the Spirit of God! No he wasn't here, but a few weeks ago he sang at a fireside at the MTC that Elder Ballard spoke at and they sent the recording of it to us. It was an amazing talk and an amazing song! The really funny part is that some of the missionaries that had been in Provo got to listen to it twice haha.
I feel like there is always so much to say but I never have enough time!
I am so grateful to be here, and I love it here! Despite it being hard, and sometimes really frustrating the spirit is so strong!
Love you guys!!!
Sister Bradley


  1. We love you too Sister Bradley!!!Bro and Sis Triplett.

  2. Love you Sister Bradley! :) So proud of you! We have a young man in our ward leaving soon for Brazil for his mission. It will be a different mission however. My daughter-in-law is from Curitiba, Brazil. She is here living with us now. I'm happy you are doing well. Enjoy every experience you have! Love, December Billings Caswell :)