Thursday, June 7, 2012

  Hey Family!
Winter is officially here!!! ITS RAINING LIKE CRAZY TODAY!!! and yesterday! Monday night it started raining and we left our windows open...and my lugagge was right under the window! It was soaked (luckly I closed the lid) and my companions beds were soaked too! Opps... we learned to close the windows that night!!

Also this week has been full of goodbyes. Last P-Day we found out that one of our friends, she works at a street vendors across the street won't be working there anymore. She served her mission in Porto Alegre Norte, and has just been a highlight of p-day for us. Just lots of confidence in us and builds us up everytime we see her (it helps that she also speaks English). Then we found out that Irmao Teixeria was leaving! he has been such a wonderful teacher! Monday our new teacher came in, and we started right into our lesson, but we hadn't gotten to say goodbye to Teixeria. He came in about halfway through class. I am going to miss him, he taught us so much! Our new teacher is amazing too. Irmao Israel. (He is the only teacher we get to call by his first name because there is already a teacher here with his last name!) Then Monday nights are always goodbye, because tuesday morning is when all the missionaries leave for the field! I didn't really think about how many goodbyes would happen at the CTM, its rough!!

Monday was such an incredible day. It was a perfect day in an imperfect way. We had such a powerful lesson with Irmao Israel, then saying goodbye to Teixera. And so much happened it was just an emotional rollarcoaster that was an incredible day!

Last night we were supposed to have a special speaker (Elder Costa) but he couldn't make it so we watched a devotional given by Elder Holland. Wow, it was intense (may not have helped that we all got chastized by our Mission President minutes before for breaking mission rules) it was a powerful but very humbling talk. One thing he said though that I really liked was: "Get it out of your head that anything will ever be the same as it used to be." He talked about Peter after Christ's death and going back to being a fisherman. Than Christ asked him "lovest thou me." If we truely love God we won't go back to the way it was before, our missions will change our life. Its been an interesting thought.

Another powerful lesson I learned this week was with Irmao Teixeira. We were teaching him as our investigator, and we've had some pretty bad lessons with him. But we were teaching restoration, and the spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson we just committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. After the lesson he asked us why we didn't ask him to be baptized. Its something we really need to work on, we are not very brave in our committments, He taught us that we need to demonstrate our confidence and faith through our comittiments. He then told us that we never know when our last meeting with our investigator will be. (At the time we didn't know he had gotten a new job). That was our last lesson with "Tiago" we missed our opportunity. Its really struck home to me that when the spirit is there, our purpose is to bring people to Christ. And we do that through Baptism, we cannot wait! There is no way he could have planned for that lesson to be taught, it was an incredible expereince.

So I left my notes for this letter in my room. So I'm just gonna have to wing it! This week has been so spiritual! On Sunday we had mission conference, and I got to sing in a special choir, we sang the Iron Rod. It was a blast!

Glad everything is good, any big plans for the summer? How are the little boys doing not being in the same room?
Well gotta go! Love you guys!!!!
Sister Bradley

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