Wednesday, June 27, 2012

haha you and rocks! WOW thats crazy, ya these two months are flying by, today we have 13 days left. A little stressful, and monday? i think is when we get to go prosylyting for the 1st time! And thats super cool about President Tanner,( President John Tanner was one of my English professors at BYU)   he didn't say anything about BYU but I could totally see him teaching there, and ya its Sister Tanner used to be General YW President.
 I don't really know how my English or my Portuguese is. Today during lunch I was talking with an Elder from Argentina and we spoke english/portuguese/espanol. Our instructors are stressing out because our Portuguese still needs a lot of work and we're down to NO TIME!
But this weekend we had a really special experience. The Dille's (a SR. missionary couple that were our medical team) gave us a surprise visit. The Dille's had left a week ago to visit Manaus and they had come back to Sao Paulo to catch their flight back home, the night they were spending in the CTM (none of the missionaries knew they were back) we were having a special choir practice, and President and Sister Degn invited them to come to listen to us. So there were about 16 missionaries singing just to our president and his wife and the Dille's it was so special. It was like have a surprise visit from family. We sang Come Thou Fount. The spirit was so strong, and you could just feel the love we all had for one another.
Last night for devotional we sang "Come Thou Fount" and then the my companionship and Sister Gee (our roommate and the sister i went to Europe with) performed the postlude hymn. We sang "Every Breath" by Jenny Phillips. It was amazing. Our instructors even came to hear us, I am always amazed by the sacrifices they do for us, and how much they love us! They are incredible people!!!
I really don't have much to share this week, but its really not that cold here. Its going to be a lot colder in Porto Alegre, OHHHHHH Thats what I forgot! The brazillians that we are going to be serving with came last Thursday!!! They are incredible missionaries! I'm so excited, and nervous to be leaving the CTM. A few dear friends of mine that I have made here in the CTM left last week and now my companionship is the oldest sister companionship in the CTM!!!  We have gotten used to being at the CTM and its hard to comprehend that this is only a small portion of our mission! I have met some of the best people here, ah i wish you could meet them all :DI have met some of the best people here, ah i wish you could meet them all :D Another wild thought was that the friendships we have made we may never see them agan until the next life.  It makes eternity seem so much more real, and I've gained a little understanding of the happiness we'll feel there!
Portuguese is getting harder for me, we still speak quite a bit of english but our district has goals of two days a week we just speak Portuguese....ITS SO HARD!!! But in a week and a half thats all we're gonna hear so better get used to it now I suppose! I'm nervous about going to the field but when the Dille's gave us their suprise visit, they told us they witnessed miracles. They saw Missionaries they knew from the CTM serving in Manaus, Missionaries that had struggled with the language, that could speak fine! They told us not to worry about the language, we'll be fine! Simple words, but they came right when my companionship needed to hear them! So comforting!!
I"m so excited to hear about your adventurers this week! Tell Everyon hi for me and that I love them!!!
Amo Voces!!!!
Sister Bradley

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  1. Sister Bradley,

    You will be wonderful on your mission and the people that you serve will love you. Bro. T