Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Your e-mail sounded so fun! and a lot like what happened today here in Sao Paulo!!! ITS FORTH OF JULY!!! and we're celebrating..a little! We had "hamburgers" french fries, ice cream, hot dogs and popcorn for lunch today!!! Irmao Israel told us we should stand and sing the national anthem during we did and the almost all of the american in the cafeteria stood and sang with us!!! It was incredible. Last night after devotional we sang the national anthem as a mission, it was so powerful, we sang every verse. That was probably the first time I've felt homsick since leaving. Our mission President dressed up, like you discribed vest, straw-hat. And since it was our P-day we can take pictures so we took a picture with him :D After we print it off sister bullen's camera i may send it home, or I may keep it :P
Oh just so you know, when i send things through missionties to you its usually sent thsame day. so i e0mail and write on the same day i just never have time to write everything in the email.
This week has been so CRAZY! Hightlights and then I'll expound on what I can:
-Prosyliting for the 1ST TIME! Outside the CTM and in Portuguese, we gave away 7 Book of Mormons as a companionship, and as a district 31 or 32
-We had our last TRC (practice teaching) and we got to be investigators. We were first told we were missionaries and we were really disappointed. Then on thursday we were told that we would not be teaching saturday but friday
...ahhhh we hadn't prepared at all yet!!! and then they said we would be investigators!!! Our entire district cheered we were so excited. It was really special experience because we had Brazillians travel from Curitiba (which is about 4 hours away) to do TRC with us. So the Brazillians were the investigators, and we were visiting them when the missionaries came to teach. It was really fun to get to be an investigator with Brazillians and to get to talk to them!
-Our Branch President is leaving this week. :( President and Sister Call, are basically amazing. On Sunday, the last time we would get to see them, She came to our room and talked with us about the places we are going to serve. She told us more about President Degn and the mission President of the Elders (She couldn't say anything about ours because he's brandnew, He's only been here a week!) But then before they left she and President Call sang us a Brazillian lullaby.

its so crazy!! I leave the CTM in 5 days! Last week i was so nervous about going to the field, not I'm very excited! Its going to be so hard, especially because I think my Portuguese is getting worse, but I'm so excited to actually do what I came here to do. Prosylyting helped a lot, in reminding me of our purpose and remembering that the CTM is a very small part of my mission.
Well love you guys! Hope all is well, I really don't know what to ask you haha.

Love, Sister Bradley

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