Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yikes I can hardly believe wedding month is almost here!!! I can~t wait to see all the pictures from it! (check below for answers to your questions)

so you said you wanted to send a package...i started thinking of things I need could use now that i~m in the field. I don/t know if you can do the music thing but an mp3 and little speakers would be wonderful. if you can put the music on my computer/church music and then on a separate playlist disney music and showtunes that would be spectacular! thanks some other things: socks, pictures of the family cuz i don~t have any :( a small backpack, sunscreen cuz apparantly i brought the empty one,and if there is anything that we could use to put pictures on. LIke a flashdrive but that could just take the pictures off my card. I don~t know if thats possible but it was a thought i had. Because I can~t email them :( or at least i haven~t figured out how to do that. and AAA batteries (the small ones lol) and i have a job for the little boys. I need excercises especially for knees!!!

I miss you guys a lot. This week has been really hard but good at the same time. Being sick has been hard because its hard for me to talk already because i don~t know the language very well and then my head hurting and my throat hurting i just don~t want to talk (shocking i know). But I think i~m on the upside of it. I^m working now to memeorize D&C4 in portugues. And my companion is learning to say it in English. 

A funny thing happened last night while we were walking home. I was teaching sister Lira to say It is good. And she was saying it correctly and everything. Then she turns to me and says `I am good food.´ AShe was trying to say the food is good, but it was so funny! A little while before she had asked me too if I liked the mission. I said Sim, Mas (yes, but...) I was going to say i~ll like it better when I have a voice. But instead i said mas (but) and then tripped and feel. Theres lots of hills here and everything is uneven cobblestone. Its so hard to walk sometimes haha. 

During lunch yesterday we walked the steepest hill I have EVER SEEN! Literally you could have tripped and fallen the entire way down it was so steep. and exhausting to climb. I had never been to this members house so i didn~t realize how steep it was. Sister Lira kept telling me the hill was steep but all the hills here are steep so i didn~t really think much of it, till i saw it and realized we had to climb up and down it to get to the bus! (oh ya, i~m in one of the only areas that gets to use the bus!) Its crazy scary! it goes so fast and is so bumpy and takes turns so quickly but its fun...and nice not to have to walk everywhere. We only use it when we have to go to a members house that is far away but its still fun and different. 

Well I love you all! Hope your summer is nice and hot, cuz so far mine~s been pretty cold haha
Sister Bradley

(In answer to my letter and questions, Carissa just wrote the answers in red after my questions.)

Now it is mommy's turn!  I am hoping that we get a lot more details from you, like what is your apartment like, our apt, its pretty small, always cold. Although this week not as much its been a really nice week about 12C. Though today its warm but it started raining again. Our apt has no hot water excpet for the shower which is heated by a small electric heater. its hard to explain the differences between houses here than those in the states. But they are very different. what is your companion like, my companion, Sister Lira, is crazy but I love her. She works very very hard. what was your first day at church like, first day at church was super hard. I was really sick. and I played piano for sacrament meeting. and then spoke just bore my testimony. then went and the elders gave me a blessing. Because we have two wards that meet at the same time. So they left sunday school, and we left sacrament and they gave me a blessing. (it was in english so that was nice haha) how is the food, the food is SOOO GOOD! I~m gaining so much weight, and the members just want to keep feeding you. Usually its just rice, and bean with meat. But y├úll will find this funny, I mix everything on my plate now. Evreything just ends up in a pile on your plate. But actually now I don~t mind. Salad and rice and meat and beans....all together haha not too bad. the weather the weather...i~m in the coldest area here. but this week wasn~t too bad. But Sister Lira said thats strange because its usually like my first week....freezing cold!and your new mission president. we dont hear much from our mission president. I talk to Sister Wright quite a bit this week because i~ve been sick. My throat is still pretty bad. but its getting better  Do you see the elders very often? we see our ZL (zone leaders) because we live in their area. And have to walk past their apt on our 30 minutes journey to our area. So evry few days we see them. And then we have district meeting every week were we see the elders in our district.  Do you have to clap to get people to open their doors? yes we have to clap to get in. Its very different, and hard when i wear my gloves haha but i~m used to it now and its kinda fun  I heard they had to do that in some places....

OH and michael! thats so cool! that rock looks awesome! I miss climbing on rocks ahah but here i get to climb a billion hills, and steep hills lol. 
love ya!! Sister Bradley


  1. Hello Sister Bradley! So happy for you and proud of you, serving the Lord in Brazil! My daughter-in-law is from Curitiba, Brazil. She was just there visiting her family! It's funny that it is winter there and summer here! Keep up the great work and Return With Honor :) Love you, Sister December Billings Caswell