Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 26, 2012

Alright this week was CRAZY! I’ll start at the beginning with last P-day while e-mailing you actually. We received a text from an investigator, T----, whose baptism was marked for Saturday. She told us that she wouldn´t be baptized and couldn´t talk now and would talk to us later. This investigator had been progressing and was ready for baptism. I don~t remember if I wrote about her or not, her daughter has problems with drugs and had been in a clinic but had left the week before and was living with her mom (T-----) again. We were so worried we didn~t know what happened. We called multiple times and she never answered. We stopped by on Tuesday and talked with her. Luckily she was just having doubts that she was ready or not to be baptized. We read some scriptures with her talked about feeling the spirit. And helped her recognize that she was receiving an answer the church is true. And…….she was baptized Saturday!!!!!! Whoohooo Party in the heavens!!! Her baptism was probably the craziest yet. Luckily we actually had members there (our last only had 3 priesthood holders and us) but no one filled the baptismal font. T------ was a referral from a member and he was going to baptize her but he had to go to work and its about and hr ½ to fill the font ahhhh. So the rusha began. There were two faucets in the bathrooms and we were filling up buckets and a GIANT cooking pot filling the font. You´ve never seen such a ridiculous sight. I told S. Teixeira baptisms are never easy we always have to work, T------ was an elect, she accepted everything…so we had to do the work in filling the baptismal font haha. Pay the toll haha.

Her daughter N-----  is super special. She already love us and us her! We´re starting to work with her to stop smoking (she´s already stopped drugs but has substituted it with cigarettes). She´s 16 and has had these problems for 2 years! I can hardly imagine, she´s a kid with adult problems.
We had a neat experience with her. Friday night we had an activity for missionary work (she and T----- came. It was supposed to start at 7 but didn~t end up starting till 8:30 so we only got to stay for ½ hr. The next day we visited T------ after her baptism and she told us N----- was out with some friends at another church´s activity. (we were slightly worried because this church is very popular with youth) but while we were there she came back. She told us she had left this activity early because they had tried to expel a demon out of her when she told them she was going to our church (she hadn´t even been to church yet haha). She told us she felt peace and friendship at the activity and liked it a lot. Whoohooo. Its going to be a difficult road because she doesn´t believe she can stop smoking. But we want to help her so much. So its going to be an interesting next couple of weeks helping someone overcome an addiction. Haven´t had this experience yet!

Temple, yes I get to go, but its only every 3 months or thereabouts. So far its just been one time.

I already told you about chimarrão, but yesterday we were visiting some members and drinking chimarrão oh its a tradition i Love.  

You know the funny part is i was thinking abou tour Age of Sail adventure a few days ago!  

Package: RECEIVED! It depends on a lot of things to receive pkgs. Right now since I´m in Porto Alegre, in the zone of the mission Office we get things a lot faster. Plus this week we had zone conference so we went to the mission Office and picked up our pkgs. Other times Zone Leaders bring them to district mtgs when they visit. (and sometimes they forget to bring them and we have to wait a few more weeks grrrr haha)

But thanks for the package!!!yeahhhh!! (The 5 gum is going to help me with my diet that i´m starting for about the 5th time, hopefully it lasts more than two days this week).

But nossa i´m overflowing with toothpaste and goldbond now haha. Though the toothpaste was a blessing because the toothpaste i brought expired in February of last year!!!  And sour gummy worms....its been so hard not to eat them all. And thanks for the footsies...i have not Idea what they´re called. and I showed S. Teixeira about chewing LifeSavors.   That was a fun little activity after prosilyting all Day. far as i know its not celebrated. No one talked about it...I remembered on Wednesday and then again on Friday haha. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit starting to decorate and all....its so strange to see Christmas 95 degree weather.  (although this week hás been cooler and raining a little tôo)

I Love getting your talks through missionties. Its something different to study. I loved the ones you sent. The funny part is two Sundays ago we studied the same talk in Relief Society. Laborers in the Vineyard, and it was a talk i studied a lot in the CTM. I Love it. And I adore the talk about Grace i think i remember it from somewhere but i don~t remember where. I haven´t been using missionties as much because well i´m past my 6th month Mark which means people start forgetting you at home and people start missing you here (which is really cool). So i don~´t know how missionties works on your end. For me when i receive na e-mail from someone not a member of the family i write them back and then send it to São Paulo to missionties and they send it. But i don´t think i´ll be using it as much anymore so if its cheaper for me to send it snailmail i can do that tôo because i have a ton of stamps.

Well Love you tons miss you. Happy late thanksgiving tôo!

Oh, questions....
hairloss....i´m lossing a ton everyday! thinning thining ...why?

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