Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 5, 2012

How Sad about Halloween!!!  (Our Halloween was very cold and stormy.)  Ours too was fairly uneventful, they don~t really celebrate it here. I saw two houses kinda decorated and that’s about it.

Yeah for Shaney! (A friend of Carissa's just arrived home from his mission.) How is he adjusting to being home? And Janelle leaving soon how crazy is that! Send me her address and I´ll write her, I want to hear how she´s doing! Life´s gotta be so crazy for them right now.

That’s funny you mention testimony meeting. I was sitting in our ward thinking about that because not one of the youth or primary kids shared their testimonies and I was thinking I wonder if they (Matthew and his friend) are still sharing their testimonys all the time. That’s so good to hear that they are doing that still. Might as well cuz when they are on the mission….no one knows how many times a day you share your testimony! And the when not if is very important. ( I was telling her about some boys who are planning on serving missions that are saying "When I go"  not "IF I go"  )    We had a RC (recent convert)  tell us he won~t serve, he won~t go to church anymore and all that stubborn rebellious stuff. So awesome that they are preparing and excited to serve!

I did hear a little about what happened in NY. But not much after effect that always happens.

Sorry this letter is kinda short, I had to send pictures to the mission office for Christmas and transfer pictures for sister matiaco because her camera broke and she doesn’t have any pictures so i´m transferring some for her from my camera. And it used up some of my time to write yáll sorry.

  (The next part is a question and answer type of conversation.  Sometimes Carissa doesn't have time to write long letters, so she will just type in answers to my questions.)

How is your new area?  Is it as hilly as your old area?  No not even close. Its flat flat flat flat. Chico has more hills than this area. It was the first strange thing about being here in Porto Alegre/Elizabeth. Not hiking hills, its so much easier haha Plus we live in the area. In Caxias we didn~t live in our area so we had to walk about 30 min to our area and then to wherever we needed to go. Crazy (That hill photo was very impressive! I can't believe you go up and down those all day!)  How is the ward? I really like the ward here. Its awesome. Tell us more about your new companion?e  us more about your new companion?  Where is she from?  Is her family supportive/ active? Sister Teixeira is a new convert of about 2 ½ years. She is from Sao Paulo. She and her cousin are the only members of her family.  I did get a letter from Sister Wright and she does sound adorable.  It was so sweet of her to write!  Are you in a suburb of Porto Alegre? Yes Any miracles happen this week?  Yes we had several but i´ll just share one because I still have to send a letter to president and I have 10min ahhhhhh we contacted a woman in the street. She was boarding the bus but said we could visit her and quickly gave us her address . We went to visit her several times but she never could visit with us. Finally the last time we were going ot visit her we she said we could come in. We entered and she had a friend there, Aliane. We taught them both and when we finished we invited them to be baptized and attend church on Sunday. They said they would and asked where the church was. When we explained it Aliane said oh i´ve been to your church before I know…and named a member. This member had told us that she had a friend Aliane who wanted to learn more about the church. But we had never been able to coordinate with her to visit aliane. (We´ve been trying for about6 weeks) The Lord always prepares a way.

BTW I hear you want a puppy!! Chow/shepherd mix….how did you know that’s what I wanted :P

Love yáll

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