Monday, December 17, 2012

December 10, 2012

I got your other package. We have a tree!!!! Yeahhhh. I haven´t put out stockings or anything 1st because the temptation is too great haha and second transfers are next week and S. Teixeira i think will be leaving. (its gonna be weird having another companion for christmas)

Your oil lamps are adorable ( I told Carissa about clay oil lamps we made to teach the parable of the ten virgins.) . And ironic because this week we had Stake Conference. The Stake had a goal of 1,000 people there. They made invitations and gave a bunch to us to visit inactive members and our investigators and invite them to stake conference. We prepared a message....the 10 virgins and shared it with most people. 

Oh i miss large christmas trees!!! I haven´t seen a lifesize tree yet here :( and just two or three houses with christmas lights on the outside. I think 1st of all its expensive and 2nd it probably attracts robbers and such. No idea though

Really don´t have many stories for this week. I´m going to buy the speakers i need so i can listen to the christmas music you sent yeahh...hope everything works but if not oh well i really don~t believe its christmas time haha  heat and christmas just don´t mix in my book

A few nights ago it was so hot in our room that we took the mattresses and put them in the living room and slept there...but by 1am we were eaten alive by mesquitos.

This week is our christmas party for the mission...well our zone and zones near us. Let you know how it goes!

Alls well here 
Love you tons

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