Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Alright, so Christmas time. I´m pretty sure we can skype!!! yeahhhh. Make sure everything works haha. Bah its been rediculous trying to find someone with internet, and skype (but there is a member here, they are so much fun) and they have skype and we will be spending christmas with them so hopefully everything will work our alright. Its gonna be in the morning i believe. We were supposed to receive an e-mail from President Wright giving us all the instructions for Christmas...but we haven´t gotten it yet. 

But this week we had our Christmas conference. It was super fun. Each district gave a little presentation. Almost all the districts sang. They brought the spirit and then there was our district. We had prepared a little skit basically the spirit went running because it was rediculous. But it was fun. President and Sister Wright gave us all a little Preach My Gospel. There so cool!! Only mission presidents had them, and we were talking to sister wright and asked about them....and then for christmas the entire mission received mini preach my gospels. Bah we were so excited!!!

Oh btw i now use words like bah, and barbaridade

This week is transfers!!! Sister Teixeira will be transfered and I´ll be staying here!!!! (Although this week I kinda wish I was being transfered haha its been a rough week, Everything that could go wrong with investigators has been going wrong);. Usually we don´t know what will happen during transferes but this week we know, cuz we´re special! 

Yesterday we set up a christmas tree in the house of the member i´ll be spending christmas with. It made me laugh because she doesnt have lights. And in your last e-mail you said you needed more lights. Its a little tree about waist high but its a tree and it was fun to decorate a little. But wow made me miss home so much. And having a tree with memories and advent calanders and everything. 

Oh another thing...ward christmas party. We had the ward christmas dinner a few days ago. But it didn´t start until about 9 so we didn´t get to stay very long...and we still didn´t get home until after we were supposed to be at home. Everything starts really late. 

But all is good here. Supplies....bah i´m overflowing with stuff. I don´t think i´ll need anything for the rest of the mission. Just the makeup. I bought some sunblock and toothpaste...and then received the package with more haha 

well love you...and am getting to talk to you right now haha

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