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December 24, 2012

Hey Family!

Its weird writing everyone knowing I´ll be able to talk to you tomorrow! I´m pretty sure your all still sleeping right now :P but FELIZ NATAL (MERRY CHRISTMAS)!!!

So I will tell you all the news here so you can tell me all about yours tomorrow.

TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes I´m in my 5th transfer with my 3rd Brazillian, in my 2nd area! I´m still in Porto Alegre, Elizabeth, I am now with S. Marques from Curitiba.  She speaks English fluently! So it is helping me learn a lot more in Portugues, because when I need a word….she can help me.  I love the way she works and teaches.  This weekend we had a baptism of a young boy. 11 he is friends with a member and he wanted to be baptized. and now he wants to serve a mission, get married in the temple and was so excited to meet ...Elders!  He is so cute!

This weekend we are hoping to have the baptism of 3 other little girls 9 and 11, 11. They have been coming to church for the last month! Alone! They wait outside the house of a member who brings them to church! No one tells them to go or anything. So we started teaching them on Saturday and should have their baptism this week.  Its so cute the desire they have to come to church and do what’s right. They are extremely poor but are so sweet.

It was really funny on Sat, when we taught them. They were folding clothes and organizing the room. And their grandmother said they couldn´t listen to us till they finished cleaning. So we helped them. And while we were helping them (I think it was they´re dad and sister) were trying to bring a couch back into the house but couldn´t. S. Marques looks at me and said I think he´s too weak. We laughed and we brought the couch into the house. It was so funny,  two girls in skirts.

The last week we taught a recent convert of the AP (Assistants to the President) that was interesting! We´ll  visit him again this week. Still don´t know why but when President asks…we go haha 

This week is going to be really neat, because President and Sister Wright are going to come to our area and visit our investigator family.  They are struggling a little as a couple, and she is struggling with being a stay at home mom. She wants to work and all but also wants to stay home, sometimes I think she´s a little depressed with her life. They need a little perspective. And who better than the President and Sister of the Mission, parents of 13, and now parents of 150! We´re really excited!

Anyways a few things I think are going to change with this new transfer. (This transfer will be 7 weeks). And we are going to be using the internet earlier than I was with S. Teixeira.  10/11 o clock just so you know.

Well I love you! You´ll have to tell me all about weddings and such tomorrow! 

Love you all very much
Merry Christmas!!!
Until tomorrow 4 oclock! weird to think i´ll get to talk to you all in just a few hours. I don´t know if i´ll know what to say!

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