Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 2, 2013

haha don´t stress, everything was closed here on monday and tuesday so we are using the internet today! ( I was concerned because Carissa was 3 days late writing to us!)

oh how wonderful is vacation haha. There was no one here in Elizabeth this past week! 

Christmas was nice and quiet. But New Years we spent with J---- and C----. (Members) J---- cooked churrascão for us. Oh i think I gained about 5 pounds in one night! There were fireworks all night. But we have been having trouble sleeping (i think we´ve had 4 nights where we haven´t been able to sleep before 4am this past week) so after midnight I slept through everything. 

Wow, how things change for christmas. Matthew´s no longer the 1st on up at 4am :P

Well this week not much happened. I waxed my legs for the first time in my life on pday. (I did it wrong and now a part of my leg is all purple). S. Marques and I have been trying to make brownies but it always comes out like chocolate cake. We´ve tried 2x and it still hasn´t come out quite right.

The highlight of our week was on Saturday, President Wright and Sister Wright came and visited our investigator family. It was incredible! They bring such a sweet spirit and love wherever they go. And our investigators felt it.  

Oh finished the new testament last night... started the old testament today...lets see how long it takes me to finish!!!! its funny because i read the scriptures in english and use the Institute manual in português.

And thanks for T----- address! I´ll definitely write him!

Well I love you! Thanks for being such a wonderful Mommy! :)


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