Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow, whirlwind adventure! We are leaving Paris in 15 minutes! So I have to be fast but it has been so much fun and so crazy. We weren't able to do everything...guess I have to come back! But in the past two days I have:
Eaten crapes (strawberr, chocolate w/ banana) SO GOOD
Seen the Effiel tower...sparkle at night as well STUNNING
The Louvre
(I actually got separated from the group right before our Louvre appt and almost missed it, but that is a long exciting story. So for everyone wanting my getting lost story...its pretty good)  Tell ya later :D
The Orsay
The Rodin museum (saw the Gates of Hell)
Notre Dame
Learned how to ride and navigate the Metro (I'm actually pretty good at it now)
Attempted to order in French (Epic Fail, but our waiter was super fun and nice and spoke English)
AND SO MUCH MORE, Sorry this is kind of just a log but I really don't have much time, hopefully soon I can actually tell you more about the adventures. But now we're off to Northern France and then crossing over into England.

Love ya! Hopefully I can post in London and I can tell you more!

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