Monday, May 2, 2011


So I feel bad that I haven't posted at all this trip, but the only country I was in with internet was Paris and we were only there for two days! I spent the last four days in London, yesterday we flew into Austria, in Vienna. But let me back track and tell a little about each of the countries prior:

We would get up at 6:30 be running around by 8am and we never made it back home before 12:30! Lets just say as soon as my head hit the pillow I crashed, it didn't matter how late my roommate stayed up. But I loved Paris. It was beautiful so much to see and experience! Even the language barrier wasn't too bad (a little worried about here in Vienna, German is HARD).  One thing I am loving about Europe is all the street performers, (there were more in England than Paris but here is a chalk artist we say in Paris.)

I'll just briefly mention some of the museums in Paris.  We saw the Orsay which had a plaster version of Rodin's Gates of Hell. Later on we found the Rodin museum which had the Thinker (a piece from the Gates of Hell) and the bronze Gates of Hell. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Gates of Hell it was orginally designed to be the doors for the Orsay Museum (when they converted it from a Railway station) but then plans changed and the need for the doors disolved. The theme of the gates is from Dante's Inferno.

The Louvre was AMAZING! It was so overwhelming! There was so much artwork, that I felt I couldn't really enjoy it. But it had some of my favorite pieces. Everyone stands and fights in line to see the Mona Lisa but directly across is a painting entitled the Marriage of Cana...HUGE does not even begin to describe this painting. it takes up an entire wall!  But one of my favorites is the Coronation of Napoleon Jaques-Louis David. But we also saw Michelangelo's Slaves, and the scupltures of Psyche Revived by Cupid. So much art, its overwhelming but beatiful.
Right before we went to the Louvre we went to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was stunning. The stain glass windows and the beautiful gothic architecture. We wanted to go up to the Dome but it didn't open until 10 and our Louvre appointment was at 9:45. We wanted to come back but we unable to :(
But I nearly missed our Louvre appointment because me and a few girls stayed a little longer at Notre Dame and on our way back through the Metro system I wasn't able to get on the same train as them. I knew the Metro's so getting to the Louvre stop wasn't hard, but finding the group after...was practically impossible. I finally found them, right as they were walking through security to get in. If I had been any later I wouldn't have seen them! It was such a blessing!

Well that is just a taste of some of the things we did in Paris. But last but definetly not least was the food and the Effiel Tower! THE FOOD WAS TO DIE FOR! I had strawberry Crapes and then a Chocolate-Banana Crape outside of the Effiel Tower after it lite up at night! I really didn't think that seeing the Effiel Tower sparkle would be as amazing as it was. It was impressive.


One of the random sight-seeing places we went! just don't look left or right on the street....its not exactly Rexburg anymore!!!
Well I love y'all and now that we're in Austria I have internet so I will post more frequently!!! LOVE YA

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