Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(Life in Durham has been really busy and Carissa wrote only a few lines one week.  I am trying to catch up!  This letter was from  October 8, 2012)

Alright, I have lots to catch the world up on. Sorry about last week but literally I was online for 5 min. We had P-Day as a zone because we accomplished our goal of 20 baptisms (actually we had 21!!!!) But for S. Lira and I it was difficult because we had 2 people decide not to. One of the minute of her baptism. It was a very emotional week for us, she was going home, our area was closed for Sisters, I was being transferred, Baptisms, baptisms falling through. it was just a crazy week! 

Anyways, our investigators-- our 3 young men were baptized. two Haitianos and one other brazilian. His mom was already to be baptized but she has a fear of water. She was all dressed, interviewed and ready to be baptized but when she saw E---- baptized she began to panic and decided to wait .The other L---, i don´t know what happened because we didn~t get to see her again. She called us the night before her baptism and told us she wasn´t ready. (this is the 2nd time) we went to her house the next day with the elders that were being transferred to our area but we only got to talk to her husband. and she didn~t come to church on sunday. It was really sad and difficult for us. But we did our part, we did all we could....and people have their agency...and at times thats very difficult for us missionaries. 

Anyways, transfers.....dum dum dum...... were AWESOME!!!! hahaha everyone thought I would be going to Canoas. But the night before i was thinking and started thinking about Porto Alegre. I got my paper for transfers.....and yep Porto Alegre! I get to go to the temple haha My new companions Sister Teixeira has 7 months in the mission so we´re both fairly newbies and she was the companion of Sister Lira before me in Caxias!! Small world. Its fun because everyone in Caxias loves her and I always heard about S. Teixeira and now she´s my companion. She is helping me a lot with Portugues which is awesome. She doesn't know a lot in English but more than S. Lira and can help explain and correct the things I say. ....also I´m the only american in my district! and the other district in our zone are the assistants and secretaries who are basically fluent in i´m the only one whose learning portugues its very different but will be a good learnin experience. 

the ward here...idk yet ive just met members we´ve visited and tons at the stake center for conference

General Conference....please send me one in english!!!!!!! haha our dupla will get one in Portugues but i really want one in english....because i still understand english better than portugues. it was a really neat experience thought to listen to conference in portgues. I really had to rely on the spirit and it was easier to receive personal revelation. Usually when i listen i hear things that really touch me but then the speaker moves on and i continue listening. In another language its easier to tune it out and listen to what the spirit had to teach me. It was an incredible experience. Also fun because all the missionaries of our zone were at the stake center. and the power went out the last half hr of the saturday session! (and we were late for the 1st session so we missed the announcement about the change in missionary ages.) but its awesome!!!! 

Porto Alegre is more humid than Caxias. So it feels a lot hotter and as been raining quite a bit this week. My clarks (shoes) are wonderful. A sister that went home last week had the exact same pair and they lasted her the entire mission (i think) Mine are a little worn but i think they´ll last and be fine. my boots are a little worse for wear i need to glue the front of the soles and then they´ll be fine. 

I will start looking for nativites. I don´t live in the center of town anymore so idk if i´ll be able to find any right now. But i will keep my eyes open.

Did i tell you about my birthday yet??? So I was with S. J. Fernandes and we had p-day and basically slept the whole time. But we did make a cake. After we had made the batter we realized we didnt have any gas for the oven....opps. So we made it in the mircrowave!!!! .... it turned into a rock haha a great chocolage rock :P 

Well i love you!!! And think of you all often 

Love Sister Bradley

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