Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 23, 2012

Alrighty I have about 20 minutes to write whooohooo. So many things that happened last week I forgot to tell you about, opps sorry. 1st is…. I CUT MY HAIR….SHORT

But I forgot to take a picture so you´ll have to see next week when I e-mail my photos from the temple…which we are going to in about 2 hours whoohooo *(which is why today is p-day for us). I´m kinda nervous but really excited. Other exciting news is Thursday we will be having a sister conference! Just us sisters!!! Because of the new age for sisters we are expecting more sisters in our mission (we have about 20 right now) and we need to be prepared. And talk about clothes and standards of course haha.  

Haha that’s so awesome. (I was telling her about seminary where we are learning the names of the current twelve apostles and reminding her of her seminary days energetically learning the twelve apostles. ) I was helping Sister Lira learn the apostles too, it was also way calmer than us. Yesterday we had lunch with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric here and he was talking about scripture mastery and super Saturday with scripture chases. Oh good times good times. I remembered all the scripture chases we would have and how intense we were…and doing it at parties and all.

That’s so weird to think about it getting dark earlier because here right now…it gets dark later. Yesterday it was pouring rain and I pulled out my boots but the front lip is separating so they didn~t really help much L but the funniest part was we stopped by again at the 2nd counselors house and we used plastic bags for socks to walk home in so we wouldn~t be as wet. Helped a little but not a ton. Oh the adventures we have.

Oh but I do have a question about the fluoride/ACT I use. They don´t have it here L But they have some with the same active ingredient. It doesn´t taste as strong (but everything dental wise here doesn~t have such a strong taste that i´ve tried yet). But we drink so much soda here. I wanna be cautious. Everyone drinks coke. Sheesh. (still don~t really like it)

Another funny food story. We went to the store and they had cheddar cheese. I was so excited I bought some and apples (since they didn~t have Peanut Butter L) well cheddar here is not cheddar there. Its basically kraft American cheese…not very good. But I ate it with apples

I´m writing a lot about food I know. But like you mom food played a huge role in my week….we ate…we ate…we ate and then we ate some more. Sunday we were practically sick we ate so much. OH but we had the best food. Sonhos (dreams) are like donoughts and basically heaven on earth)

Anyways, this week has been good. I love it here. At times yes I miss being home but this really is a special place. (Oh Sister Wright told me she wrote you a letter how cute, you´d like her a lot)

Anyways love you

Carissa Bradley

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